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10 Signs It’s The Perfect Time To Keep Your Mouth Shut


10 Signs It’s The Perfect Time To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Just because you have the ability to speak, that does not mean that you have to. Quietness is a virtue. It is not important for you to have to comment in every situation that you face in life.

Sometimes, the intelligent thing to do is to choose silence.

Here are 10 situations that do not warrant your comments and that it might be better to stay quiet:

1. When It Maligns Somebody’s Character

This is the worst thing you could possibly do. Let people build their own image. Just because you had a fight with somebody, does not give you the right to ruin their image or character. That is what demons do. You should not say things when you know that they will actively contribute towards causing harm to another person.

2. When You Could Choose Productivity Over Hate

This is mostly directed to Facebook bot profiles, troll accounts, and people who fight in the YouTube comments section. Instead of leveling racism at somebody else, or abusing another fandom, go water a plant or something. Make a poster, cook a meal, carve a table if you will. But do not waste time in meaningless banter.

3. When You Are Angry

Anger makes monsters out of us. It makes us think and say things that have very bad repercussions later on. It mostly makes us speak the truth, but people are not always in need of a reality-check, or prepared for it. If you cannot keep your mouth in check, during these situations, then you will end up in losing many people.

4. When You Want To Rectify

If you recognize that you have been misbehaving all this while, and want to change it, it is best to prevent the misbehavior first. Be quiet. Prevent the responses. Then work on changing them. You have to stop the hole in the mug before you can replace the spilled water.

5. When Somebody Taunts You

The world is full of people trying to make each other miserable. While it is very tempting to reply to them, it is advisable not to. It will only ruin your day and mood. They are not even remotely worthy of your response. In fact, your reply only feeds their aggression.

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6. When You Really Cannot Comment

If you don’t know about something, then it is best not to comment. I know many people who possess zero knowledge on a subject, but speak all types of garbage because they are scared of admitting to their ignorance. That is an extremely cowardly move. Nobody expects you to have all the knowledge in the world.

7. When It Is Not Your Turn Or Place Of Authority

Don’t vomit an hour-long sermon in somebody else’s fight. I mean, it really is their life and their relationship. Don’t go about making decisions for people who have not asked you to be their spirit guide. Unsolicited opinion is the absolute worst. Don’t make people want to punch you in the face.

8. When You Know It Will Embarrass You

Our instincts do not lead us astray. So, if something within you is saying that your comment will bring you humiliation, then they are probably not far from the truth. Trust the gut-feeling. Don’t say it. Save your face, and don’t give others the opportunity to laugh at you.

9. When It Hurts Somebody

Listen, the world is already a quite horrible place. Don’t go about making it worse by spewing hatred. Think for a moment before you speak. If you realize that the statement will impact somebody negatively, then choose to refrain from making that comment. Don’t ruin somebody’s day. Remember that karma does exist, and it will get you.

10. When You Are Unsure

If you are a part of a discussion where they are talking about a discipline you know nothing about, choose to be quiet. Instead of talking about how Derrida was a great modern poet, and embarrassing yourself to God’s glory, it is better you choose to listen and soak in the knowledge. Instead of trying to participate in a discussion you know nothing about, and massaging your social insecurity, think of it as a friendly lesson in something new. Trust me, this attitude will benefit you more than you can imagine.

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