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5 Self-Help Books You Should Have Read Yesterday


5 Self-Help Books You Should Have Read Yesterday

If I can credit the things I achieved in my life to something, I can easily say self-help books.

Self-help books can guide you and help you get through the time of crisis. They will help you when you do not have anybody else to fall back upon.

Most bookstores these days have a shelf reserved for self-help books, however it is a bit difficult to pick the relevant.

To reduce your work and also help you to pick up the best ones, here are the five self-help books that you can order directly from the links bellow:

1. The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking – Oliver Burkeman

Sometimes we just cannot be happy however hard we may try to remain positive and upbeat. These are the times when optimism and happiness are not congruous. The more we try to remain positive, the less happy we become. This is time that one should pick up Antidote. A swift reading of this book would let one feel that it is absolutely fine to find it hard to be happy. It would tell you that being forever happy is an illusion and what matter are the sporadic happy moments in one’s life. Besides, the book is funny and that makes it an interesting read too.

You can buy this book HERE.

2. What’s Stopping You?: Why Smart People Don’t Always Reach Their Potential and How You Can – Robert Kelsey

With its catchy subtitle – Why Smart People Don’t Always Reach Their Potential, and How You Can, this book reaches straight to its point. Everyone has a fear of failure within themselves but that should not hold them back. One should not be averse to taking risks and indulge experimenting with new things. Being anxious is a part of our lives but that should not stop us from performing our tasks. We might not always live up to expectations. However the fear of letting yourself or others down should not take a toll on you.

You can buy this book HERE.

3. Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World – Mark Williams and Danny Penman

As the title suggests, this book is about meditation and managing your thoughts. There is no need of thinking that the book would not be of any help to you if you fail at the art of meditation. It is not just about meditation but teaches you how to be mindful of your thoughts. When several kind of thoughts rush our minds, it involves the negative ones too. We often get affected by such thoughts and it is necessary for us to them at bay. This book helps us exactly to do that.

You can buy this book HERE.

4. How to Fail at almost Everything and Still Win Big – Scott Adams

As the popular proverb goes, “Failure is the key to success.” one should not lament their failures. Rather they should learn from their mistakes because that is how one grows. Accepting failure is another step closer to success. One should not only embrace success but also failures. It is this balanced approach towards life that helps us to remain optimistic. And as the book says, one can even encounter success in the process of intermittent failures.

You can buy this book HERE.

5. Naïve. Super – Erlend Loe

This is a novel which has an enchanting charm to draw you towards it multiple times. The book tells the story of a twenty five year old man, who loses any kind of interest in life. Therefore amidst his existential crisis, he tries to find meaning in everything he comes across.And in turn re-orients himself towards life.

You can buy this book HERE.

Image source: Omarfaruquepro/Wikimedia

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