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Jaclyn Smith Became A Hollywood Star After ‘’Charlie’s Angels’’- She Still Looks As Beautiful As Always At 77

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Jaclyn Smith Became A Hollywood Star After ‘’Charlie’s Angels’’- She Still Looks As Beautiful As Always At 77

Actors and actresses are pushed over the boundaries of what’s “normal” in terms of work. They have to be in the spotlight 24/7, and if they aren’t, there’s probably a paparazzo following them!

The ageless Jaclyn Smith is now 77 years old, and people have a hard time believing it.

Charlie’s Angels star has aged like a fine red wine.

Jocelyn was born in Houston and her dream job wasn’t to be an actress: since she was 3 years old she put her first dancing shoes to be a ballerina. Things changed when she went to Trinity University to study drama, but her longing for dancing never went in the dark.

She thinks that one of her best decision she ever made was moving to NY after graduation. That single move propelled her to so many opportunities.

Smith began her career in 1968 in minor roles. In 1976, she was cast in Charlie’s Angels, a show that propelled her to stardom, including an appearance on the front cover of Time magazine.

She was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Film for the title role in the TV film Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (1981), and went on to star in numerous TV films and miniseries over the next 20 years, including Rage of Angels (1983), George Washington (1984), The Bourne Identity (1988), Kaleidoscope (1990) and Nightmare in the Daylight (1992).

As she told medium ‘’while I started on dancing‚ like a magnet I was pulled into acting in commercials and miniseries and just loved it.’’

She dove in the entertainment industry and made few crucial decisions that changed her life forever.

During the interview, she said that she wasn’t ambitious enough that she’d get the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels. ‘’I wasn’t a driving ambitious actress like ‘I have to get thus role’. I just went in I had fun.’’

Charlie’s Angels was the trampoline to fame for all 3 actresses, including Jaclyn Smith.

She earned as much as $40,000 per episode, and back in that time $40k were a LOT of money.

Since “Charlie’s Angels” Jaclyn created an incredibly lucrative licensing and merchandise empire. Smith essentially pioneered the concept of celebrities creating their own line of products.

Before her revolutionary approach to “cashing in” on fame, celebrities typically endorsed existing product lines instead of creating their own.

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