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Incredible Artist Performs Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, And It’s Really Intense

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Incredible Artist Performs Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, And It’s Really Intense

Music is utterly inspiring. It speaks to the soul if right chords are hot. It is truly a form of expression which can be used in so many ways. There will hardly be a person on this planet who doesn’t like any kind of music. But everyone has their preferences. If some like rock, some might dig for heavy metal, then some might like listening to jazz or pop music.

Whatever might your preference be, there is a very high probability that you have heard of Beethoven. Name doesn’t sound familiar? Well, that’s a first! Anyways, you can listen to the recreation of one of his most admired works right here in this video!

So, Rousseau is a YouTuber and a pianist. He is obsessed with creating piano covers of classical and pop songs using a reactive visualizer – it isn’t something a lot of people are fond of. Nonetheless, if done right, piano covers can be one of the best compositions you would have ever heard! And Rousseau, it seems like he knows what he is doing. His expertise are well displayed in his cover of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Do you notice how smoothly his fingers are gliding over the piano? Moving from this key to another in blink of an eye? That is called proficiency! Simply terrific to be honest. It is very hard not to applaud such a performance. Even then, there might be some of you who are not impressed. But the composition is still worth appreciation, no? It’s the legendary Beethoven after all!

Music enthusiasts would definitely feel connected to this cover – it’s a given! But when sound is accompanied by sight, it makes a worthwhile experience for all. And this cover provides both: amazingly soothing sounds by oddly satisfying accompanying visuals. They may remind you of this mobile game named Piano! Anyways, the song is so melodious that you would notice yourself enjoying it till the very end – maybe joining in the fun yourself!

Thanks to Rousseau for this amazing video and make sure to follow him for more on his YouTube Channel!

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