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GlassDuo Performing Johann Sebastian Bach On Glasses Will Leave You In Awe

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GlassDuo Performing Johann Sebastian Bach On Glasses Will Leave You In Awe

GlassDuo utilizes the glasses like you have never seen before!

Sound can be produced from nearly everything. Pressing the keyboard keys produces sound, whirling arms of the fans make sound and even walking on the ground makes sound. But is every sound music? Definitely not! When these sounds are made in specific notes with other things considered, than it is music. And there are numerous musical instruments which you would not have heard of earlier, let alone hear them play. The instrument in this video is one of those rare, yet melodious instrument – a glass harp!

Understandably enough, not a lot of musicians are thrilled by the idea of creating music from the upright wine glasses but it doesn’t make it any less appealing. In fact, it is what makes it so sought-after. Who would have think of playing entire songs from mere wine glasses? Genius! Creativity and imagination gets full credit here.

GlassDuo is one of the very few professionals from the glass music ensemble in the world and the only band in Poland. Their proficiency is well showcased in this video. It looks quite simple to the eye – they are doing nothing but moving their fingers across the rims of the glasses, right? Well, here’s the intricacy: listen carefully to the sounds as they move from the smaller glasses to the bigger ones. There is science behind this!

If you know the real music and you are one of those suckers for originality, performances on the musical harp are your thing! This video will give you so much joy you would want to listen to them perform live – which they do by the way, with orchestras in Poland and around the world.

They have an exciting interest and there should be nothing which stops them for pursuing it. You need to watch this rare talent!

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