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50 Years After Martin Luther King Jr. Death, This Moving Performance Will Speak To Your Soul

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50 Years After Martin Luther King Jr. Death, This Moving Performance Will Speak To Your Soul

It is hard to let go of the great personalities who change our lives for good. These are the few people at the forefront who speak for us, who fight for us and who give up their lives just so we can have better ones. Undoubtedly, Martin Luther King Jr is one name which emerged amongst these unsung superheroes and still inspires so many souls! The video is just another of the many tributes Americans pay him at his death anniversary.

Everyone has their way of showing love and gratitude. This specific group of 50 concert singers from Memphis’ Cordova High School decided to honour the King’s demise by singing one of his favourite songs, “If I can Help Somebody”. It was a moving choice of the song considering it was Martin Luther King Jr’s 50th death anniversary and the fact that the King was assassinated in the very city half a century back.

Just as soon as the choir starts singing, you can feel the surge of energy, you can sense the love and respect they have for the King. The emotions are quite contagious, really. The power in their voices is pretty evident and it is exactly what is required when you remember a personality as great as King’s. The high notes which the choir reach are simply spectacular! You can merely stare at your screens in awe listening to the beautiful song they are singing.

Many of the viewers appreciated their efforts and rightfully so. Some of them were so moved they said they had teary eyes – it is the kind of impact you want when you remember a warrior and a hero. It takes the right kind of emotions and energy to connect with others and this group of singers have certainly reached that – all out of love for the King!

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If I Can Help Somebody

"If I Can Help Somebody" (arr. N. Carter), one of Martin Luther King Jr's favorite songs, being performed by Memphis' Cordova High School Concert Singers exactly 50 years after King's assassination in their city. POWERFUL & MOVING 🙏

Posted by ChoirBuzz on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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