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In Order To Reveal Her True Appearance, Goldie Hawn Takes Off Her Makeup

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In Order To Reveal Her True Appearance, Goldie Hawn Takes Off Her Makeup

Goldie Hawn is a an all-time star in Hollywood. Her best performances include “The Banger Sisters” and “The First Wives Club”, including dozen of well-known movies throughout the years.

It’s strange why people think Hollywood stars are perfect individuals. They do look perfect in movies, commercials, red carpet appearances or interviews, but occasionally we discover some images that surface of actors caught by paparazzi in front of their house looking extremely normal, just like the rest of us!

Image source: Alan Light/Flickr

We can’t deny the fact that Goldie still looks freaking amazing at 74! She is talented actress, charming and still makes positive impact all around the globe.

But Goldie wasn’t always the confident girl, the wonderful role model we see now.

She recalls when she was little she thought she was ugly and no one would ever love her. She revealed that it took her a long time to come to terms with self-acceptance and the ability to love herself.

By slowly climbing on the way to success and acting in well-known Hollywood movies, Goldie discovered how to embrace herself despite the attention her fame brought to her doorstep.

Image source: World Economic Forum/Flickr

We can’t be loved by everyone. I truly believe that if everyone loves us there’s something wrong with us! Even if we are the best looking man or woman, some people will find us unattractive, and that’s just the way it is. But Goldie urges people to find their own self-acceptance and get on a road to constant self-improvement.

Many people say that when Goldie appeared in public without a single shed of makeup, she didn’t look like on television. However, many loved the way she accepts herself the way she is without all the filters and makeup on the scene. She is just lovely.

Goldie says that she gets the required amount of sleep, tries to eat healthy, moisturize her skin, and always wears sunscreen even if she doesn’t always wear makeup.

She also says that before she get to bed, she gives herself a face massage and eats two tablespoons of olive oil.

Goldie is unmoved by the trolls online, and accepts the way she is, even though people expect Hollywood stars to look the same as they did in the movies we see now, made over 30 years ago!

She considers herself very lucky that she and Kurt Russell have been together for over forty years. There are even a few partnerships between the two.

Goldie decided to retire so she could spend more time with her family.

I only wish I had her shine of self-acceptance and love for myself too!

She is really one of a kind!

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