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If You Spot These 10 Signs Your Life Is Slowly Falling Apart


If You Spot These 10 Signs Your Life Is Slowly Falling Apart

What does your week look like to you when you lay in bed at night and think about all that you did? Does it seem fulfilling? Or is it monotonous – same routine every day and similar things to do every weekend? Do you feel satisfied? Does it all seem enough? Maybe it does but the more you think about it, the more you see that it is problematic.

The reality seems far from your ideas about life. Things don’t seem to fall in place and nobody wants that.

So, here’s a list of 10 signs which will help you decide if your life is falling apart. Then, you can do the right things to get it back together.

1. Nothing in this world seems interesting

Look back and count the times you gave genuinely exclaimed “WOW!” at hearing an amazing or exciting news. Recall the incidents which truly excited you. How many are there? Not many? Well, that’s alarming!

When you lose your ability to get excited, it’s about time you make things right. The curiosity of learning something new and growing as a person is something we all need to look forward to. If you feel like the world has no more surprises to offer, stop. Get your life together!

2. You don’t care about yourself or your home

If you have lost interesting in maintaining your appearance, you will stop working on yourself. Along with it, you won’t care about how your place looks either – take away from last weekend will be lying on the table, all the empty bottles lying on the floor, clothes from each day covering different spots…. It’s messed up just as your life!

A clean house signifies a clear mind. Cleaning is a distraction. If you are indifferent to both, how both you and your house look, you have a personal crisis!

3. You hate your job

It’s Monday and you can’t get yourself out of the bed and go to work. You have no motivation to go to work. As soon as your working day starts, you desperately wait for the evening, for your day to get over.

If your job doesn’t excite you, it means you need to make some major changes. Whatever it is that bothers you or disinterests you, figure it out.

4. You avoid communicating

Do you absolutely ignore meeting with your friends and family? Do you not feel like talking to them? If that’s a yes, you need to make changes. It is okay to ask for personal space but avoiding any and all communication is unhealthy.

Your loved ones are there for your support. They are there to look after you, to share your sorrows and to help you get your life together. It would only make things worse if you avoid contact with your loved ones.

5. You get annoyed and angry at everything

When life isn’t falling into place and you can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong, you will flip out at the slightest of inconvenience. You easily lose your temper and experience a burst of emotions. You will seek reasons to rant out, to channel your negative emotions.

One moment you are angry and the other, you burst into tears. All of this can only stop if you acknowledge the real issue and deal with it.

6. You have an awful lot of bad habits

It is a part of being human to indulge in bad habits when things don’t go well. It’s a mechanism to cope with our life falling apart. You will probably start smoking, drinking alcohol and adopt other bad habits. They tell a lot about your current situation, for example, if you like tearing things to shred, the current state of your life doesn’t suit you. It indicates you want to change something at subconscious level. You find it difficult to relax.

7. You either live in the past or think about the future

You constantly find yourself caught up in two dimensions: you either live in the good old times you spent earlier in your life or you look forward to having a “better” future. Either way, it’s a mental escape from your present. It is a definite sign that your present is problematic. Find a way to enjoy the present and not only trying to escape it.

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8. You have nowhere to “charge”

We all have an outlet to rant out our feelings and recharge ourselves. Some people punch bags, some people talk to a close friend or visit a place from their childhood. But when what recharges you makes you more disappointed, something in your life is going wrong. It shouldn’t give you a sense of moral devastation but of calmness and tranquility.

9. You become a prisoner of your own phone

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh medical school found out that people who spend more than an hour on social media each day are more prone to depression. When we continuously scroll down, we form notions about their lives that they are better than ours. It nurtures feelings of envy within us. This constant fixation also results in low self-esteem, nervous breakdowns and a sense of total loneliness. All you need to do is go offline often than you go online. Social media detox is one of our suggestions.

10. You consider your life a “draft” and like to repeat: “Starting Monday…”

There is no tomorrow. There is only today. When you decide to change starting from a certain point in your life, for example on Monday or the first of some month, it never happens. You need to take control of today and start changing yourself today, from this very moment.

You have one life. Take control of it. Change things for the better. Change yourself for the better.

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