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If People Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Should Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

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If People Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Should Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

Gratefulness is a feeling like none other. It is common to be thankful for the huge favors others bestow upon you, to be thankful for the big promotion you just got or the healthy child you just became a parent to.

Real peace and happiness is felt when you are grateful for the littlest of favors and slightest kindness, the kinds of acts which usually go unnoticed. We humans are very ungrateful in reality. There is a lot we take for granted when, in reality, being grateful for them will only make our lives easier. Touching someone with your appreciation and thankfulness will have multiple effects on others.

Be thankful if you have people in your life who:

1. Show you unconditional love

There is always someone who loves you no matter what, someone who accept you as you are. Maybe they are even sitting next to you right now. Whoever it may be, recognize them and appreciate their love, their acceptance. Acknowledge their love.

2. Provide you with feedback and guide you in the right direction

Yes, sometimes it hurts to hear the truth and it’s easier to heart the sweet lie but it doesn’t allow you to grow and to become a better person. Be thankful if you have someone who puts a mirror in front of you, letting you see your true reflection in an attempt to help you become better. People like these are hard to find. They will pinpoint your weaknesses but they will also confront you with all the strengths you have. Appreciate their honesty.

3. Remind you that you matter

It is always amazing knowing that you matter, that you mean something. In your mind, go through all the names you think that appreciate you for existing, for doing a good job. These are the people who think you have a valuable existence. Cherish them and show them gratefulness.

4. Believe in you

At times, all we need is a little trust from someone to accomplish the formidable. At others, we need these believing people to pick us up when our mistakes let us down. These are the people who believe in us, even in the hardest of times. They should be cherished and kept close. They see potential in you even when you think you aren’t capable. Express your gratitude for their existence in your life.

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5. Inspire you to dare, to dream and to do

We become too afraid to dream big at times. We feel like reaching for the skies might cause the sky to crumble down upon you. That’s when these people arise and push you to aspire, to grow and to make you believe that the sky is the limit. They will encourage you, be your backbone and cheerleaders. They will make you realize your potentialities and inspire you to act on them. These are the people you need around when you get shaky and doubtful of your own self.

6. Dare you to go one step further

You know how all we need is a little push and we reach a new benchmark in our lives? Who gives us this push? Certainly not ourselves because we are satisfied with what we have, unaware of the greatness we are capable of. That’s when our benefactor(s) step in and give us the required motivation. They are the ones who encourage us to set higher goals, to dream big, to plan beyond what we think we are capable of. We might not see which challenges make us stronger but they do. Keep them close and let them know they mean a lot to you. Appreciate them for all the times they have aspired you to fly higher.

7. Make you laugh and relax

Life is already stressful enough. You don’t need someone to make it harder for you but someone who makes it easier. Recall the people who have been there for you when you were down, people who made you feel better, and who made you laugh. These are the people you want around. People who help you loosen up and share a laugh with you care about your well-being. They understand the importance of staying calm, relaxed and happy. They make you see the bright side of life. You need them. We all do.

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