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18 Brutal Truths About Life That Will Force You to Get Your Life Together


18 Brutal Truths About Life That Will Force You to Get Your Life Together

Life is all about getting your sh*t together and going ahead. It is all about understanding how precious life is and how easy it is to lose one’s way in it. Not being preachy, but the tougher and darker life gets, the better it is going to be afterwards. The tunnel is the illusion, not the light at the end of it.

You only need to stop beating yourself down; there are enough takers for that job trust me. You need to trust yourself enough to keep going harder and better.

Like the proverb: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

Here are 18 brutally honest truths about life which will give you the necessary motivation to buckle up for the rough rides ahead.

1. You are going to die

Everyone is. That’s the human truth at the end of the day. Your time is limited on this planet and you better make it count. Do good, speak well and love better. Make the most out of your life.

2. Everyone you love will die too

Like I said, everyone. Your love won’t stop them from going, it only might make their numbered days a bit better and bit more enjoyable. That’s the least and ironically most you can do. So love them, and more importantly, be with them. Don’t ever hold back to express how much they mean to you and try to spend time with them more often.

3. Wealth isn’t everything on this Earth

That’s what all spiritual teachers from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha to Socrates have been saying since eternity. Look for the beauties that are not quantifiable and buyable. There is a lot more to life than materialistic possessions.

4. Pursuing happiness can sometimes make you lose it

Because you lose the essence of happiness, which is in being comfortable and relaxed with just enough and no more. Remember that happiness comes from within, not from things.

5. Time is money

Spend it wisely and judiciously. Make sure you spend it on things and people that matter. Do not pursue wild dreams and unrealistic aspirations. This will only leave you with no time to yourself and actual people who matter to you.

6. It’s not your job to please everyone

Remember, you win some and you lose some. It is not your job to be everyone’s man; it’s your job to please those who matter, only. Focus on those who do matter!

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7. Accept what you feel

Never deny yourself an emotional release. Of all forms of crippling, emotional crippling is the worst of the worst.

“Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.” Shunryu Suzuki

8. Don’t worry about your legacy

Once you are beyond the world, it’s no use. All mausoleums perish some time or other despite being gilded with gold and gems.

9. Be responsible

For yourself and your loved ones. Be responsible of your duties and your rights too. Take your dues and pay your debts.

10. Stop beating yourself up for your flaws

This is because no one is perfect. As a matter of fact, your imperfections make you what you are, as a person. Those are the things that give you your identity. The people that matter and that love you, accept and love your flaws as well.

11. Don’t shrug your passion/hobby off

If it’s a musical instrument, play it. If it’s rearing pets, rear them. Don’t let go of things that make you smile and laugh out with joy. Instead, cultivate them. Do not give in to societal norms. Take the path you want to take.

12. Live in the moment

Speculating about the future will just make you age. It won’t make you wiser. Don’t dwell on the past either, for that is gone and done with. Focus on the present and enjoy in the moments.

13. Someone always has it worse

If you don’t believe us, listen to poet Rudy Francisco’s Complainers.

14. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained

Same with happiness.

15. Invest in yourself

You are your best thing, said the great Toni Morrison. You are the person who knows yourself the best.

16. Keep a poker face

When things do not go your way. Do not show your weaknesses.

17. Quit unrealistic dreams

And work. Slog your ass off.

18. Be thankful

For whatever you get. You are fortunate in your own little way.

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