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9 Things Only A Loner Will Understand


9 Things Only A Loner Will Understand

When we say loner, what thought comes to your mind? A negative one, I’m sure. The thoughts associated with anyone who is a loner are apparently not good ones because being alone is seen as something of a challenge to the spirit of a community.

Someone who doesn’t conform to the society’s rule of companionship and harmony, someone who willingly dissects from the group, or someone who is happy on his/her own is what we see as a loner. People have long associated psycho killer tendencies with a loner. Remember all those Hollywood thrillers?

However bad their reputation might seem, loners are beautiful people who love to stay by themselves and do what they love doing.

Here is a list of nine things that only a loner can understand:

1. Keen sense of observation

Even though loners do not participate in any social event, they will be there to observe what goes around. Loners like to watch people and they can figure what the other person is about just by his/her way of talking or posture.

2. Doesn’t care about gossips

Loners don’t have many friends and they are the least bothered about it. They don’t care about your snide remarks or comments on their being alone. They simply don’t give a damn about what people have to say about them and are also away from what others gossip about.

3. Mysteriousness

Loners have a sense of mysteriousness attached to them. People think that they are up to something or they might be a member of a cult or something. They think that loners have some untold, unknown story about them which makes loners more attractive in the eyes of the common crowd.

4. Over thinking

Loners can tend to become over-thinkers which actually helps them to bail out of situations at times. Since their social interaction is quite less, they a chance to think about their life, the world and people in general.

5. Patience is a virtue

Being alone teaches loners a sense of patience. Since there is no one to wait for them or demands their attention, they are free to give time to any activity for as long as they want. They can watch leaves swaying in the wind for hours or the clouds moving in the sky, without anyone telling then to hurry or move.

6. Loves long walks

Loners love talking long walks in the park all by themselves. They love this feeling of being able to think alone without the clutter of the outside world bothering them. Just a long walk is enough to refresh them from any bad day or situation.

7. Soft, mellow people

They are not loud or outspoken as you might have guessed till now. They are peaceful people who dislike any uncomfortable or stressed causing situation. Sometimes it makes it difficult for them to wriggle out of their small group if they want to spend time alone.

8. Love for writing

Most loners love writing and it comes to them naturally. They can actually write pretty well as solitude produces the best of work.

9. Adventurous travelers

Loners are quite adventurous travelers. They enjoy this freedom of travelling alone to the fullest. They experiment with all the things possible because they simply can! They don’t require any permission or acceptance form others. They are their own masters and companions.

We almost forgot! A study published in the British Journal of Psychology has revealed why some smart people tend to be loners.

While the research shows that people who see friends more frequently were more satisfied with life, highly intelligent people felt the opposite – seeing friends too much produced negative emotional effects. It turns out that having lots of friends and socialising frequently actually makes people with high IQs “miserable”.

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