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Husband Noticed Wife Wearing A Diamond Necklace

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Husband Noticed Wife Wearing A Diamond Necklace

A woman returned to her home after a long day at work, and her husband couldn’t help but notice the shimmering diamond necklace adorning her neck.

Curious, her husband asked, “Where did you get that exquisite necklace?”

With a smile, she responded, “I was the lucky winner in a raffle at the office. Would you mind getting my bath ready while I start preparing dinner?”

The following evening, she once again arrived home, this time flaunting a stunning diamond bracelet.

Her husband, slightly bewildered, asked her, “And where did this beautiful bracelet come from?”

Her eyes sparkled with delight as she replied, “Another raffle win at work. Could you be a sweetheart and get my bath ready while I begin making dinner?”

The pattern continued the next day when her husband observed her stepping through the door draped in a luxurious mink coat.

Knowing the answer, he asked her anyway, “Let me guess, darling, another raffle prize from work?”

She giggled, “You’re absolutely right! I did it again. Now, would you mind preparing my bath while I start on supper?”

After a satisfying meal, she headed for her bath and was startled to discover that there was only a mere inch of water in the tub.

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Annoyed, she called out to her husband, “Hey! There’s hardly any water in the tub!”

Her husband’s voice echoed back, lighthearted: “I didn’t want you to get your raffle ticket wet.”

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