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Old Man Orders A Single Hamburger – Hilarious Story

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Old Man Orders A Single Hamburger – Hilarious Story

Something about old folks makes us reflect on our own lives and the goals we hope to accomplish before we, too, reach ‘old’ age.

Two things make jokes about the elderly so common: first, they are smart and knowledgeable; and second, they are often humorous.

The following story is guaranteed to brighten your day!

An elderly couple dined together at a restaurant, sharing a single order of hamburger, fries, and a soda.

The man, upon receiving the food, divided the hamburger in half and served it to his wife. He followed that by inserting the beverage in between the french fries.

They each took a sip at their own pace.

The man was eating a hamburger while his wife sat there and watched.

An onlooker approached them, offering to purchase them another dinner, but the elderly guy politely declined, saying, “No, thank you; we are used to sharing everything.”

His wife waited patiently, taking occasional sips while he finished his meal.

The man from earlier approached them again and said he would at least buy them another drink.

The old guy declined once more, explaining that he and his wife split everything 50/50.

The man who had been watching them walked over for a third time after the husband completed eating and wiped his mouth, curious as to why the woman had been waiting for him to finish so he could eat.

He approached her and asked, “What is it that you are waiting for?”

Husband: “The TEETH, the TEETH!”

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