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How to Remain Calm and Win any Argument or Conflict, Backed by Science


How to Remain Calm and Win any Argument or Conflict, Backed by Science

Most of us have to deal with situations of conflict in every single day of our lives. It can be seen in most cases that we lose our composure in such situations and further aggravate the distress. Since we cannot always change or modify the behavior of other people, we must try to control ourselves and stop the situation from getting worse. Although some of the conflict situations give us an Adrenalin rush, there are ways to keep up composure at every such instance.

1. Take a second and breathe

Instead of reacting instantly and allowing the situation to become worse and possibly saying things we might regret later on, we should take out a couple of seconds for a deep breath. This makes the part of the brain that helps us to stay in control to start working, and stops us from losing our temper and doing something stupid. This also relaxes our bodies and makes us think logically.

2. Communicate properly with the other person

Miscommunication is often the reason of all conflicts. Therefore, we must try to listen to others properly, and comprehend what they have to say. We must try to reach a proper understanding with others.

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3. Be honest

By remaining true to both ourselves and others, we can totally avoid conflicts from arising. We can evade conflicting situations from arising by being clear about the things that are disturbing us. People value honesty, so by being honest the argument might be easier to solve.

4. Keep a lower voice

It is the tendency of many of us to scream our lungs out in disagreements and worsen the situation. This makes the other person to think that they are not being heard, and to feel threatened. Instead, we must talk at a lowered and calm voice to keep up politeness and give the other person a chance to speak. Screaming and yelling while during an argument will only makes things worse, so try to remain calm.

5. Keep some perspective

While it is good to stay calm and listen to others, we should not get completely carried away by the clash. We must keep up a proper stand at all points and that will also help us to realize the futility or the uselessness of the argument or heated situation.

6. Avoid unpleasant behavior

We should try to stay away from things like unnecessary contempt, criticism, and never shut ourselves from people and indulge in violence. All these act as impediments towards keeping relationships healthy. Emotional and physical abuse should neither be inflicted nor tolerated by anyone.

7. Maintain confidence

We find that we often lose our level of confidence during heated arguments. The other person may try to put down our opinions in such situations. As mentioned earlier, we need to be clear and concise about our stands or viewpoints. This will help us to quickly arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

8. Agree to disagree when needed

Many arguments do not allow us to reach conclusions even if we try very hard to do so. In such situations, we should try to discuss the problem later on and maybe consult a third person’s perspective.

Situations may not always allow us keep up a rational mind. Therefore, it is best for us to try to stay away from such situations as much as possible. And we must always feel free to consult someone else.

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