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People Disgusted After Seeing How Crabsticks Are Made And They Never Want To Eat Them Again

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People Disgusted After Seeing How Crabsticks Are Made And They Never Want To Eat Them Again

Crabstick eaters are turning their backs on the food after learning the truth about its production…

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Everyone wants to eat sausages, but nobody wants to know how they’re made.”

Because it requires a lot of grinding, a decent amount of blood and gore, and some offal thrown in for good measure, the process is not exactly the most appetizing thing in the world.

(Video can be found at the bottom of this article)

But that doesn’t stop millions of people from eating sausages on the weekend (and in some countries, every day).

You may want to skip the lesson on how crabsticks make it from the ocean to your plate, despite their popularity as a snack.

A video that has just gone viral on YouTube reveals the secrets of making crabsticks, and once you’ve seen them, there’s no going back.

You can’t get rid of this grey frothy substance once it enters your grey matter.

Without further ado, therefore, how about we find out exactly what goes on here?

It starts out with some meat.

It’s not crab flesh, as you may have been lead to believe; it’s just frozen fish meat.

The grey meat is almost entirely made up of Alaskan pollock.

The meat is mashed in a mixer before being combined with other components like egg whites and wheat, which are then blended again.

That produces a product with the consistency of paste, not unlike modeling clay or putty.

Lost your appetite yet?

In order to simulate the feel of crab or lobster meat, the next stage is to take the goop and feed it through a machine that spins out a single long strip of meaty material, which is then weaved like rope.

Some of it is packaged in the white casing often associated with crab or lobster and marketed as surimi, a substitute for crab meat, while other pieces are encased in the familiar orange casing and sold as crabsticks.

Clearly, a lot of individuals are unhappy with what they’ve learned.

One person commented: “I will never purchase this ever again! Thank you for opening my eyes!”

Another said: “I always thought this stuff was disgusting, now I KNOW it is.”

However, not everyone shared this pessimism.

Someone else said: “I love adding lots of mock crabmeat to my delicious pasta salad recipe. See, now y’all went and made me hungry!!!”

“To be perfectly honest, I like the product. It’s very affordable and makes a very good cold crab salad,” said another.

Check video below:

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