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Homeless Poodle Realized She’s Being Rescued – Her Reaction Has Everyone In Tears

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Homeless Poodle Realized She’s Being Rescued – Her Reaction Has Everyone In Tears

This wonderful occurrence once again shows the extraordinary nature of dogs by demonstrating their limitless ability for forgiveness and love.

In 2014, a homeless poodle was hit by a car and Annie Hart, a passionate volunteer with Rescue From The Hart, received an emergency call about the poodle.

Annie and another volunteer came upon the poodle by the side of the road; it was in obvious discomfort, had been hurt, and was covered in dirt.

Dogs are easily confused and frightened in these situations, and they frequently try to run rather than stay.

Annie was shocked to see that the timid dog had shown conduct that well above her expectations.

Rescue From The Hart

It’s difficult to fathom how anyone could abuse an animal, much less their own pet.

Animals make wonderful companions and deserve all the affection we can give them.

The sad truth is that not everyone agrees with you. In the eyes of these individuals, any pet will do as long as it is “cute” and “useful.”

These people get rid of their pet when it starts becoming a problem.

And that’s what ended up happening to Layla, the poodle.

Layla, who had been abandoned and forgotten, was discovered sitting in the street in 2014. Thankfully, someone took initiative and made a 911 call.

The injured dog’s response—not running away or showing fear—brought tears to the eyes of her rescuers.

Rescue From The Hart

Thankfully, the whole heartbreaking occurrence was caught on film; to this day, it still moves me deeply and makes me think of it as one of the most beautiful human-dog exchanges I’ve ever seen.

The heroic people who rescued the injured dog named her Layla on the way to the veterinary clinic.

Layla was in critical condition and required surgery, but her prognosis was uncertain.

Nonetheless, she persisted when it seemed hopeless.

For two weeks, Layla was hospitalized, and her foster parents, who were learning on the job, made regular visits to show their love and support.

We are being exposed to both good and terrible things on social media.

It’s not uncommon to encounter discouraging news that causes us to question the goodness of humankind.

Going Viral:

Sometimes stories like this one show us that there is still reason to believe.

The perseverance and determination of dogs is truly impressive.

As a tribute to the unsung heroes who go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our animal companions, I ask that you SHARE this story with anybody you know who has a dog!

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