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He Caught His Daughter Lying Next To a Stranger. His Reaction? Best Dad EVER!

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He Caught His Daughter Lying Next To a Stranger. His Reaction? Best Dad EVER!

If we could compute the greatest love we could have for someone or something, I think it would be our children.

I can’t even begin to picture how I would feel if I saw my 17-year-old daughter curled up next to an unfamiliar person.

You will adore this Russian father after reading his response on Reddit.

(article has been re-written for originality)


Please be kind as English is not my first language. A Russian father shared this on Reddit:

“After a night of hard labor, I came downstairs one morning to find my 17-year-old daughter and a young man asleep. I made breakfast quietly, went back upstairs, and told my wife, son, and other (youngest) daughter to be very quiet because people were still asleep. Our dinner table is on the opposite side of the room, directly in front of the couch, about 20 feet away. After we had all sat down, I exclaimed, “YOUNG MAN!” I had never seen someone wake up and go from horizontal to upright so quickly. “Breakfast is ready!” I replied, sounding as though I would be happy to drain his body of his soul. My family was silently staring at their plates without even twitching as I pulled out the chair next to me through his left ear and said, “Sit!”

After putting on his clothes, which were lying next to the dinner table, my wife and youngest daughter both gazed in wonder at the  ‘piece of wood’. He then sat down, patted my son (6.4′), looked him in the eyes, sighed, and shook his head. By this point, he was so nervous that you could almost smell it in my best Russian accent: “my friend, I’m going to ask you a question the answer you give is very important..for you.” He started to perspire at this moment. “Do you like cats?”

My daughter informed me that he was a really kind and attentive guy, even though she had only known him for about a month. He came over every day since that morning, never staying over at night, but he was a very likeable and sociable guy who was obviously uneducated but not dumb. There was something peculiar about him, though.

He rode his bicycle every morning to pick her up from school, brought her home after, made sure she completed her homework, and took care of her when she was sick while we were at work. He put in a lot of time and effort into caring for her, and when she was in one of her awful moods, he had the patience of an angel.

He claimed to have no family, no formal education, and no reliable work, but she loved him and he loved her, so who was I to stop her from making mistakes and growing from them?

This went on for about eight months, at which point my son came to me after asking around about the man. It turned out that the man was homeless; his abusive father had killed himself, his mother had become a crack addict, and they had been living in a rented trailer—yes, white trailer trash—for three weeks. At the age of fifteen, he had made it through the three years that he was on the streets, sleeping in parks, at the Salvation Army, with “friends,” and in cheap hotels. working construction jobs occasionally when my daughter met him while sweeping trash at her riding school. He’s a handsome man and, well, a seventeen-year-old girl.angry hormones right now.

There, I knew a young man who was perhaps eighteen or nineteen. Who makes my child happy? A child who had never had the chance to be a kid, a manic depressive who was largely absent, suicidal as a father, a crack w**** who was occasionally fed by neighbors, and a youngster who was mostly hungry. Who was courteous? Who enters the room smiling? Who departs smiling? Who cares? Who helps? There’s no need to ask.

My youngest daughter has complete faith in him, my wife’s maternal instincts seem to have grown, and I get along well with him, even though we are not friends when he is away at work. Sometimes I worry for him because I want the best for him.

My wife and youngest wept when I told them what I had discovered about him, and I found it difficult to explain. My eldest daughter let him go every night, knowing that she should have told us she loved him. I was disappointed in her. Where was she? (Heartless chick)

The following week, we fixed our spare room and took him furniture shopping. He was quite skilled at making things and wanted to be his own boss, so we made sure he received an education that would allow him to do just that. The following day, I gave him a key to our house and told him I expected him home every night.

That was in 2000; 15 years later, my daughter and son-in-law are doing well in business, and they recently welcomed twin girls and boys into our family.

True experience of a Russia Father

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