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Mom Furious When She Saw Her Kids Crying After They Opened Gifts From Their Aunt

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Mom Furious When She Saw Her Kids Crying After They Opened Gifts From Their Aunt

Kim, Miranda’s sister, is the family practical joker and is infamous for overdoing it. Kim arrives with presents for Miranda’s twins’ sixth birthday. Are they birthday presents, or just another practical joke?

Every time my son’s birthday comes around, Murphy’s Law seems to have an impact. Naturally, I wasn’t shocked to see the storm clouds gathering when the twin’s birthday celebration rolled around.

Daniel and Colin, my twins, are six years old, and I am their mother. My spouse is Antonio. This year for their birthday, Antonio transformed our basement into a pirate-themed lair that usually holds only dreams.

The twins’ birthday was something we had been planned for a long, so we were expecting everything to go smoothly on the big day—the only unanticipated event we couldn’t prepare for in advance were tantrums.

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When the doorbell interrupted the birthday celebrations, we were well into the festivities and almost ready to cut the cake when my sister Kim showed up, unexpected and unwanted.

Not that I didn’t want her to be there, mind you. There had always been tension in our relationship. She’d always had a knack for more unsettling than humorous practical jokes. Her actions frequently caused family members and other relatives to feel uneasy and annoyed.

For instance, Kim had hidden slime at my wedding, so thick green slime ran down my bridal dress as I grabbed the bouquet and walked down the aisle.

Her arrival to our celebration so came as a shock and dismay.

Despite the nervous looks that Antonio and I exchanged when my sister arrived, she gave the boys big, alluring parcels that were exquisitely wrapped.

The twins’ eyes became big as they became excited to show off the surprises that lay behind the vibrant wrapping paper.

“Whoa! Mom! Dad, have a look at these!” With his small hands ripping through the wrapping paper, Daniel let out a cry.

“Can I open mine?” Colin added his usual courteous remark.

The boys were urged to proceed by Antonio.

I said, “Quickly, boys.” “Your friends are waiting in the basement!”

With a brief “thank you,” the boys opened their gifts, and true happiness shone from them.

I believed that I was in error. Perhaps Kim had come for them this time, eager to celebrate them. In the hopes that nothing needless would happen, I invited her inside and had a courteous conversation.

Before long, the happy noises of receiving gifts gave way to angry yells and dejected screams.

“What’s wrong, my loves?” I enquired. I knelt next to them and tried to make sense of it.

“These boxes are empty, Mom!” Daniel shoved it toward me with a sniffle.

Aunty Kim, there’s nothing inside. Did you overlook placing our gifts inside?” Colin had disappointment in his eyes.

Bewildered, I examined the purported presents. Rather than the anticipated games or toys, all that was inside were empty boxes that had once contained toy vehicles, with the remote controls still affixed to the plastic.

Naturally. It was another one of her cruel practical jokes, of course.

“Kim, what is this?” I turned to face her, my voice laced with frustration.

Her laughter came out icy, unrepentant.

“Oh, please, hurry up! Miranda, it’s just a harmless joke. Relax a little.”

My guys said it was the worst birthday ever, and they were devastated.

With a “come on,” Antonio led them back to the basement, where their buddies were having a blast.

Driven by a sudden rage, I was unable to control myself. I made my sister depart by shooing her out the door.

I told Kim to just go. “You ruin everything with those dumb pranks.”

She giggled her way to her car, not realizing the ramifications of her actions. Kim avoided puddles as she proceeded because it had begun to rain heavily.

I was prepared to attend the birthday celebration as I stood at the front door, but I also needed the joy of seeing her drive off.

A automobile rushed by as Kim was ready to get into her car, accidentally drenching her head to toe in rains. This unexpected turn of events stopped her laughter, and she stood there stunned, drenched, and paralyzed.

With a stifled smile, I shut the door and went back to the celebration—the kids’ dinner burgers were almost ready to be made.

But at that very time, it seemed as though my sister had finally been the victim of karma. The look on my kids’ cheeks made me nearly feel terrible for her for having to drive while wearing wet clothes.

I said, “It’s almost burger time,” as I entered the basement.

Antonio declared, “It’s time for the real party now.”

I put my boys in a tight hug and kissed each of their heads.

“Please disregard Aunt Kim’s ridiculous joke. She was being foolish, and that’s acceptable. You were not punished in any way. Hurry up! Come on, let’s party!”

I was relieved that the boys hadn’t taken it personally when Antonio and I put them to bed.

As I was getting ready for bed, a message buzzed on my phone. On the screen, just one word was prominent.


I couldn’t resist grinning. This may be Kim’s awakening, a baby step in the right direction.

I’m hoping she remembers this and allows Kim to rejoin the family. But I’ll keep my kids away from her for the time being.

Do any of your relatives have odd jokes or anecdotes to share?

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