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Giant Wolf Sits Down Next To This Woman, Now Watch The Moment When Their Eyes Meet

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Giant Wolf Sits Down Next To This Woman, Now Watch The Moment When Their Eyes Meet

Many individuals, myself included, would be terrified to come face to face with a wolf due to the animal’s well-deserved reputation as an aggressive and dangerous predator.

The Hawaiian word for the enormous grey wolf that Danielle first encounters is Kekoa, which means “brave one.”

Kekoa doesn’t fit the standard wolf stereotype in any way, shape, or form.

While she does command deference, it’s clear that she has a deep appreciation for humanity in general and Danielle in particular.

Kekoa enjoys a pampered existence at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, a sanctuary for wolves and other wildlife located close to Colorado Springs.

She, like the other animals in the sanctuary, has no chance of making it in the wild and must therefore live there.

Staff member Danielle has formed an extraordinary bond with the massive wolf.

My mouth dropped when I first witnessed Kekoa and Danielle interacting as a playgroup. Seeing Kekoa tower above Danielle like that is a lovely and weird experience.

Despite his regal appearance, he is actually a huge baby. He’s around 7 feet tall when his front paws are on a person’s shoulders and weighs 115 pounds.

When you think you’ve seen it all, a wolf named Sakura appears and wants to have a snuggle session, too.

Michelle Smith, a member of the staff at the wildlife center, recently gave an interview to The Dodo.

“Since he was raised by people and bottle fed from the time he was born, he is very well socialized, meaning he enjoys the company of people. This is not the same as domesticated or tame. He is still a ‘wild’ animal, and he does tend to show it when he is around his sister. A wolf in the wild would not act this way.”

Wow, check out this incredible video:

Wild wolves haven’t been spotted in Colorado since the 1940s, but it appears they’re making a comeback.

More than 40,000 visitors per year take advantage of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center’s guided, educational tours to learn more about wolves and the role they play in ecosystems.

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