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Jack Nicholson, 85, Looks Disheveled In His $10 Million Beverly Hills Compound As He’s Seen For First Time In 18 Months

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Jack Nicholson, 85, Looks Disheveled In His $10 Million Beverly Hills Compound As He’s Seen For First Time In 18 Months

Jack Nicholson was spotted for the first time in 18 months, relaxing on the balcony of his notorious Beverly Hills mansion on Mullholland Drive.

The three-time Oscar winner looks unkempt because, according to various stories, his friends were worried that he might die alone, like his old neighbor and fellow cinematic superstar Marlon Brando.

At 85 years old, Nicholson is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. He had been married for four years when he finally found success in Hollywood. His most publicized relationship ended about 25 years ago, with Angelica Houston.

The actor was last seen in October of 2021, sitting courtside to watch his beloved Los Angeles Lakers with his doppelganger son, Ray. According to rumors, Nicholson’s only real friend is Ray, a 31-year-old graphic designer.

Nicholson was out in the open on Thursday, taking in the view of Franklin Canyon Reservoir. On the cool morning, he rested against a balcony railing while wearing a baggy orange tee and trousers.

Nicholson alternated between sitting and standing as he admired the Los Angeles dawn. Birds could be seen chirping in the background as he tapped on the balcony rails in a video acquired exclusively by

The star of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” once took careful note of a passing chopper.

‘He’s made it clear his home is his castle. But people just wish he’d come out of the house and pop up to tell them how — or at least reassure folks he’s OK,’ an unnamed friend told Radar Online in January. 

Jack’s in touch with certain relatives — especially Ray, his protégé, who he’s so proud of — but his socializing days are long gone,’ they added. 

His last film role was with Owen Wilson and Reese Witherspoon in the obscure 2010 film How Do You Know.

The native of New Jersey has denied allegations for years that he has retired from acting due to dementia and forgetfulness.

A buddy of Nicholson’s who spoke anonymously to Radar in January said, “His mind is gone, but his body is fine.”

When news of Nicholson’s mental decline first surfaced, former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly called it “bull” on an episode of his No Spin News show.

‘I visited Jack Nicholson a few months ago. I had a long conversation with him and he follows the No Spin News very closely and had all kinds of intelligent questions for me,’ O’Reilly said.

‘I have been friends with him for decades. He is 85, okay? But he is more intellectually nimble than the president of the United States,’ the former Inside Edition host continued.

Nicholson has fathered six children with five different women, while being a confirmed bachelor.

Some have claimed that Nicholson has an illegitimate daughter named Tessa Gourin, who was born during his brief affair with waitress Jeanine Gourin.

Actress-to-be Tessa Nicholson penned an essay in Newsweek in February titled “I’m Jack Nicholson’s Daughter — I Wish People Could Call Me a Nepo Baby.”

‘Having grown up without my father, I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched in frustration as other celebrity children have seamlessly secured roles or been signed to huge agencies,’ she wrote.

‘More recently, I have grown even more frustrated at what I think is a missed opportunity for these so-called “nepo babies” to own their position and embrace it instead of complaining about it,’ Tessa continued. 

In a separate interview with the Daily Beast, Tessa revealed that she was warned from disclosing any information about her father. She referred to her birth as “collateral damage” and called the actor “a complicated person.”

Caleb Nicholson, born in 1970 to Nicholson’s girlfriend Susan Anspach, and Jennifer Nicholson, born in 1963 during his marriage to Sandra Knight, are Nicholson’s other children.

Winnie Hollman, a Danish model, had his third kid, Honey, in 1981. Lorraine and Ray, his two youngest kids, are by his actress wife Rebecca Broussard.

After his mother, an unwed showgirl named June Frances Nicholson, gave birth to him at the age of 18, his parents opted to raise him as their own, pretending that June was his sister. This began Nicholson’s somewhat controversial upbringing.

For over four decades, Jack thought his mother was his sibling; the reality wasn’t revealed to him until Time magazine’s investigation in 1974.

Jack Nicholson termed Patrick McGilligan’s memoir Jack’s Life “the most f**ked thing he had ever heard” while speaking to him for the book.

He also said the discovery was ‘dramatic’, but added that it ‘wasn’t’ something he’d ‘call traumatizing.’

When asked about the unexpected news, the actor told Rolling Stone, “I was very impressed by their ability to keep the secret, if nothing else.” It has been quite beneficial to me.

Jack, who was born and raised in Neptune City, New Jersey, was separated from his mother June when he was four years old so that she may pursue a career as a showgirl.

At 17, he followed her to California, where he got a position as a secretary in the offices of MGM cartoon directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

While doing so, he also began acting training, and in 1958, he made his screen debut in the teen drama The Cry Baby Killer.

After that, things really took off for him professionally, and over the next 50 years, he acted in more than 70 films and TV series, becoming one of the most recognizable actors of all time.

Some of his best-known acting credits include The King of Marvin Gardens, Anger Management, The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, The Little Shop of Horrors, The Witches of Eastwick, Hoffa, Mars Attacks!, Carnal Knowledge, Batman, Ironweed, Reds, Easy Rider, Something’s Gotta Give, The Last Detail, The Departed, Prizzi’s Honor, Chinatown, About Schmidt, As Good as It Gets, Terms of Endearment, Five Easy Pieces, A Few Good Men, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and, of course, The Shining.

His love life blossomed alongside his success, and he was known as quite the player by the 1980s.

Michelle Phillips, Jill St. John, Winnie Hollman, Bebe Buell, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kate Moss, Paz de la Huerta, and Rebecca Broussard are just a few of the actresses, singers, and models that have dated Nicholson.

Actress Kim Basinger called him “the most highly sexed individual she had ever met,” while playboy model Karen Mayo-Chandler described him as a “nonstop sex machine.”

According to the biography Nicholson written by Marc Eliot, the actor spent much of his time at the height of his career partying nonstop with alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking tea, and attractive women who were game to get high with the guys.

‘The refrigerator never had any food in it. Just milk (for Jack’s sometimes sensitive stomach), beer, and pot in the freezer to keep it fresh,’ he wrote.

We can only hope that Jack gets to enjoy old age in a better health…

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