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Giant Venomous Flying Spiders Will Be Invading New York Any Day Now

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Giant Venomous Flying Spiders Will Be Invading New York Any Day Now

A new species of invading spiders, capable of flying like Spider-Man, is about to take over New York, so Peter Parker has some company! 😬

Residents of New York and New Jersey are preparing for the impending arrival of the Joro spider, an enormous, eight-legged, deadly creature that is well-known for its capacity to parachute across cities.

They are en masse and are moving straight toward the Northeast along the Eastern Seaboard.

Take a look at this: female Joro spiders can stretch their legs up to 4 inches, and they are known to form balloon-like formations in their silk webs to help them float in the air.

That’s a characteristic that makes them easy to identify, and their bright yellow and gray bodies make them visible even when they’re not jumping out of your nightmares.

The Joro is an invasive species of spider that originated in East Asia and was first observed in North America in 2010; it is possible that they traveled here via shipping containers.

Invading Florida, the Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Maryland, they have since done so before.

According to experts, the northeast environment is ideal for Joro spiders to call home, and it won’t be long until they begin to appear in New York City and other areas.

These spiders seem to be well suited to the city life; they have been seen hanging out of street lamps and telephone poles, much like the superhero.

More bad news: although they are poisonous, experts claim that neither humans nor our pets will be killed by them because their primary prey is other spiders and insects.

Even so, it’s hard to look beyond these extremely spooky crawlers, especially when they’re flying toward you!

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