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Donny Osmond Bids “Final Farewell” And Posts A Touching Instagram Picture With His Grandchildren

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Donny Osmond Bids “Final Farewell” And Posts A Touching Instagram Picture With His Grandchildren

The former teen idol Donny Osmond is loved and adored by his five sons and fourteen grandchildren, who can’t wait for him to return from his current three-month “Direct from Las Vegas” tour.

And just before leaving, Osmond shared with his social media fans the similarity between Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and a gigantic peacock.

As busy as he was fifty years ago, Donny Osmond achieved cosmic fame as an adolescent heartthrob in the 1970s.

The 66-year-old man returned to Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in 2019 to headline his first solo engagement, which he will reprise in the fall of 2024, after an 11-year Las Vegas residency with his sister Marie.

Once Osmond leaves the stage to take the audience on a “dynamic, energy-filled musical journey of his unparalleled life,” he departs for the UK to perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for a limited run.

The TV personality, who previously dazzled live theatergoers as Joseph in the popular musical that ran from 1992 to 1998, is now playing Pharaoh.

“I always knew I would return to ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,’” the actor claimed in a statement posted on X (previously Twitter). “Having starred as Joseph in over 2,000 performances in this magical musical, I am now ready to channel my inner Elvis and assume the role of Pharaoh in Edinburgh starting this December [2024].”

Prior to all of that, though, he will be touring North America with his “Direct from Las Vegas” act during the summer.

Giant peacock

The singer makes time for his five sons and fourteen grandchildren despite having a busy schedule that prevents him from spending much time with the huge family he and his wife Debra (whom he married in 1978) created.

Osmond has previously stated, in an interview with People, that his family always comes first, no matter how busy he is.

“That’s what balances my life out. Family is the most important thing, because the curtain will come down eventually, and then what do you have?”

Osmond, who appeared in the inaugural season of Masked Singer dressed as a peacock, posted a photo of himself in the pool with his grandchildren and a huge inflatable peacock on Instagram to give fans an idea of how he spent the days before his tour.

He wrote as the post’s caption, “Enjoying a final swim at home with my grandkids before the long US summer tour begins this Friday in Milwaukee. By the way, thanks to Sue Pearson from Leeds in the UK who gave me that inflatable peacock during my tour over there. We’ve had so much fun with it. Speaking of fun, I’ll see you all real soon on my US summer tour.”

Osmond’s devoted fans praised the family guy and expressed their excitement for his tour in the comments area.

One netizen writes, “So this is how you stay looking young Donny, your happiness and precious family makes you smile, and that is why you’re always happy on stage.” A second, gushing over the kids, shares: “What a beautiful pictures of you and your grandbabies. Can’t wait to see you [in] Louisville.”

“Can’t wait for this summer tour. Rest up…what is it 41 venues? Wow! Donny What a historic US Tour. So exciting! See you in Connecticut,” a third person says.

Some fans, meanwhile, focused on the peacock and made connections to his performance on Masked Singer. “Love the peacock…you should have won!!!!” someone writes.

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