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Taylor Swift Mocked For Her “Granny Panties” As Her Dress Opens Up Unexpectedly In Front Of Fans

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Taylor Swift Mocked For Her “Granny Panties” As Her Dress Opens Up Unexpectedly In Front Of Fans

One of the top musicians of the moment is Taylor Swift. She has the ability to draw large crowds to her shows. She is as famous as The Beatles and Elvis.

However, rumours have it that even Taylor Swift has wardrobe malfunctions. (video below)

The 34-year-old singer performed three sold-out gigs in Stockholm last weekend. Between 150,000 and 200,000 people, some of whom travelled from the US, came to see her.

Swift’s Eras Tour excitement was increased by the positive reviews she received at her shows in Stockholm.

However, Swift experienced a minor wardrobe malfunction in front of everyone on the third night.

Taylor Swift reportedly experienced a wardrobe mishap. She was about to settle into the piano when her blue dress parted. Her glittery black shorts and gold bralette were visible underneath.

Swift immediately made her clothing right before singing “How Did It End?” It was her first time performing it live.

Even if worse things have happened to other musicians on stage, the incident generated a lot of discussion online.

Swift’s clothing malfunction soon gained attention on TikTok, where some users were prepared to give her negative feedback.

On Facebook, someone said, “Her shorts look like a diaper. So unflattering.”

“Those look like granny panties…look good on her 😂,” said another Instagram user.

Another person even made a pregnancy-related guess by remarking, “Hmm..🤔 looking kind of round on the lower abdomen. Is she trying to tell us something?”

Someone else believed that the malfunctioning wardrobe was deliberate.

Regretfully, there were some pretty rude people. “Well she is used to taking her clothes off soo.”

Another person referred to her as a “hot mess.”

However, these critiques are unjust. Despite what some people say, Taylor Swift is still a well-known performer. That some people wish to undermine her is regrettable.

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