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Man Buys An Old Broken Down Log Cabin For $100 But Wait Till You See It After Renovation

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Man Buys An Old Broken Down Log Cabin For $100 But Wait Till You See It After Renovation

When someone thinks about their dream house it comes in many shapes and forms. Some want a big mansion with a beautiful parking in front of the house. Others want a beach house with a beautiful view on the ocean. Some want a penthouse in the middle of the city. But others just want a small cozy cabin in the middle of the woods.

Richard Aiken, age 65, considers himself a ‘hillbilly’ but not in a sense you may think when you hear that term. He was married, had kids, and on top of that had 2 PhD’s.

He was was just the type you would imagine to live in a cozy house in the middle of the woods. He was a very skilled carpenter, a mathematician, avid writer and author of multiple published books, and sang opera. With all that he did he still felt like there’s a void inside his soul…

Ever since he was a kid, he dreamt of having a cozy house in the middle of the woods, away from it all. Just the thought of having a peaceful place surrounded by nature filled his soul with solace. An old friend of Richard mentioned that he had an old cabin in the wood and was trying to get rid of it. That’s when Richard found his next project…

That information was a wish come true for him.

His friend wanted to get rid of the house so badly that he gave him the house for free! Richard insisted to pay for the house, reached his pocket, and gave him a 100$ bill. His friend accepted the offer.

For one piece of $100, Richard was the new owner of a dirty, old, broken and non-fixable cabin from his dreams. Well, at least the location was good!

Not only the cabin was old, but the house was in dangerous shape because in any moment things may fall apart over anyone inside. The roof had caved in, the floors were destroyed and the walls were crumbling.

As a skilled carpenter and a man with 2 PhD’s, Richard pulled his sleeves up, cracked his fingers and was 100% ready and dedicated to make that $100 worth it.

Many of his friends and family members advised him that it would be better to just destroy the whole house and start from scratch. Richard knew that was logical solution, but deep down he had this tingling sensation that he could transform this dump into the most magical place, straight out of a fairy tale!

Richard was brilliant carpenter and builder and knew he could make this project successful. He was able to come up with a formula and a blueprint using his extensive math skills to make sure this project will turn up to be a house of his dreams. However, he was also ready to put in as much time, effort and energy to make it work.

Check out the full restoration below!

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