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What The Bystander Observed On The Lawn Shocked Him

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What The Bystander Observed On The Lawn Shocked Him

A fireman named Pedro Bras shared a photo on Facebook of firefighters laying in the grass in Pedróg Grande, Portugal.

Everyone agrees that working as a fireman is really important profession. I recently had a fire at home which was put out and saved by the swift firemen who arrived in no time.

This photo below depicts how serious firemen took their job.

Recently there was a petrifying forest fire in Portugal and 1150 men were working around the clock to prevent the fire from spreading and putting an end to it.

About 25 firemen were hurt as a result of the fire.

Two disastrous fires that struck Portugal in June and October of the previous year resulted in a total of 114 fatalities.

But this interesting image is not about dead firemen, as it first appears. It’s about firemen, exhausted from work in lethal conditions, resting in the grass to take a break and regain the strength to work again.

Pedro said: “After working hard all day and all night, we decided to take a break and relax by the river for a quarter of an hour; at that time, we noticed that the air was thick with smoke.”

According to Pedro, the firemen took a short break of about 25 minutes to take a rest after working 24 hours to prevent and stop the fire. The picture clearly depicts smoke-filled environment.

The temperature hit an all time high of around 46 degrees celsius on August 5th. About 13 planes drove above the fire and dropped water to stop it from spreading, but also about 160 soldiers were called into action in order to help with the evacuation efforts.

The photo went immediately viral and at that time it had about 9 thousand user responses, 1,300 comments and more than 6 thousand shares. A large number of people were thankful for the efforts of the firemen.

Manja Knofel says that every fireman is a hero in their own way. Another one agreed that they deserved “rest and praise” for the stunning work they did previously.

The firemen done everything they could, according to Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa. A number of them suffered fatal injuries as a result.

The police hoped that the event from the previous year is not going to happen again this year.

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