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German Nobel Prize Winner Stunned The World: You Get Cancer From These 2 Things


German Nobel Prize Winner Stunned The World: You Get Cancer From These 2 Things

A research came to a conclusion that two things may have significant impact on creating cancerogenic environment in the body.

German scientists and Nobel Prize Winner in the field of physiology, Harald zur Hausen warned that an overlooked virus in cows may produce cancer in humans.

“I believe that cattle can be direct producers of colon and breast cancer in humans. We have experimental evidence to support the hypothesis. However, it needs additional research to confirm it,” says Hausen.

Scientists previously warned that the use of red meat, like beef, horse, sheep and pork, increases the risk of cancer. But Hausen warns that the danger doesn’t come by beef alone, but as crazy as it sounds, cows milk too!

“Traditional explanation is connected with the way we prepare meet on the grill that forms cancer cells when we ingest it. But this hypothesis left out the fact that the same cancer cells are produced when we cook meat and fish alike, and no one bats an eye that animals with feathers and fish increase the risk of getting colon cancer,” says Dr. Hausen.

Regions such as North America, Argentina, Europe and Australia, where large quantities of beef and dairy products from European cattle are consumed, have a high risk for colon and breast cancer.

However, a low incidence for both cancers has been recorded in Mongolia, Bolivia and India, countries that breed and consume mainly Asian zebus (in the case of Mongolia zebu half-breeds, but also yaks).

But now some Indian states that used to have extremely low breast cancer rates are now experiencing higher levels of breast cancer, allegedly linked to the introduction and consumption of European dairy cow products. Data from Japan and Korea reveal a dramatic increase in the previously extremely low levels of colorectal cancer after enhanced meat products were made from European beef imports.

Hausen also points out that he researches samples from blood and cow milk and found a DNA elements that could belong to an unknown virus, which could be the cause of cancer.

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