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A Farmer Dug A Hole To Find Water, But What Came Up Instead Stunned The Whole World

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A Farmer Dug A Hole To Find Water, But What Came Up Instead Stunned The Whole World

You have to see it to believe it! It’s something straight out of a Steven Spielberg movie. But this is not made in photoshop, it’s a real thing! It’s called the “Fly Geyser” and it is formed by a complete accident when a ranch owner drilled to find water in the Nevada desert.

Somewhere in the 20th century a desperate ranch owner drilled to find water and enrich the desert with agriculture, but whey they drilled down to the water they stopped because the water temperature was 200 degrees! In 1964 there was a second attempt, but again to no avail because the water was smoking hot.

After the 2nd drill attempt to find water, they didn’t sanction the hole properly. The results from that mistake?! Shocking view!

Fly Geyser

The blazing water pressure pushes mineral and gas which forms an incredible pile that keeps on growing.

Fly Geyser near Black Rock Desert , Nevada

When you zoom back from the pile, you can spot an entire ecosystem as a result of the water pond. It even has small fishes and attracts several kinds of birds.


The sci-fi formation looks bizarre (in a good way) when you look at it from a different perspective. The minerals react with the airs oxygen and the sun. The result? Spectacular view of an alien-like rocks.

Fly Geyser near Black Rock Desert , Nevada

Several people offered to buy the land and make it a tourist attraction, but the owners want to keep the uniqueness untouched by human hand. The magnificent self-formed ecosystem is surrounded by fences.


The owners are kind enough to let some tourists visit the area, but first you have to get in touch with them first. The price for a guided tour differs from time to time.

fly geyser

If you have in mind to visit this stunning rock in the middle of the desert, read more about it here.

Fly Geyser

Many thanks to the stunning photographers that made the trip to take a shot of memory of the magnificent “Fly Geyser.”

Fly Geyser

Wanna watch a gorgeous movie of the geyser? Here you have it!

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