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Family Adopt A 5 Year Old Girl But When She Learns To Speak English They Discover The Harrowing Truth

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Family Adopt A 5 Year Old Girl But When She Learns To Speak English They Discover The Harrowing Truth

Imagine that you keep a haunting secret in you, and you cannot share it with anyone. It eats you from the inside, but you just can’t…

Adam and Jessica adopted a 5-year-old girl from Uganda. Her name was Namata.

The European Adoption Consultants (EAC) told them that the her father passed away and she is severely neglected by her mother.

Namata didn’t speak english so it was impossible to communicate with her in the beginning.

But 6 months later, she got to know the language, and what she told Adam and Jessica send chills down their spine.

Watch the video:

Jessica and Adam Davis were lucky to be parents of four children already, but they wanted to give a second chance to a kid who suffered greatly in life.

When they contacted the adoption agency, they were told that Namata was was abused. After spending quite some time with her, it was obviously visible that she was traumatised.

They made an assumption that she was never fed, didn’t have an education and that she had suffered some kind of abuse, either physical or psychological.

The reality of the matter was very different from their assumption…

After 6 months Namata learned to speak English well and she told them the harrowing truth.

The truth was that Namata didn’t have an abusive family; on the contrary. She was perfectly happy with her mother and she told them how much she missed her every day while they walked her to school.

Jessica and Adam had chills all over their body when they realised what had happened: They’d taken a little girl away from a loving home.

Jessica told CNN: “The only trauma this child ever experienced was because we essentially placed an order for a child. She was home and happy with her mother, until they selected her for us.”

That’s not the worst part. Namata’s mother was told by the EAC agency that her daughter will be fostered by an American family for a year or two, and then she’d get first-rate education before getting home.

After getting to know all the facts, Jessica and Adam had to act to make things right.

They were told that they could keep Namata if they wanted, but Jessica refused, saying that she didn’t buy her at a store like an accessory.

After all we are talking about a human being, not an item.

Thankfully for Namata, the adoption process was reversed and she was happily reunited with her mother.

With the story having gathered a lot of attention, the State Department uncovered many secrets under the rug.

You can see the full extent of CNN’s investigation in the video below:

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