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Elon Musk On The Biggest Threat To Humanity That NO ONE Talks About

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Elon Musk On The Biggest Threat To Humanity That NO ONE Talks About

The global population will begin to decline in the next 40 years and when it does, it will be difficult to reverse, according to a leading professor of biochemistry.

On Newstalk Breakfast, UCC Emeritus Professor William Reville said depopulation “may well” be more of a threat to humanity than global warming, and no one talks about it.

“The conventional wisdom is that we have far too many people and we need to reduce them dramatically,” he said.

“What I am suggesting is that a lot of people, in fact, can be a good thing. This is a very complex matter that we need to think about. The evidence to date is that high populations and high numbers of people cause abundance and human thriving.

“Over the last 50 years and more, many parameters that we had associated with human flourishing and thriving, like access to clean air, access to water, access to food and human resilience in the face of natural disasters have improved to record levels despite burgeoning populations in the 20th Century and industrialisation.”

Population will drop with crazy speed once it does

The global population is about to go on a drop course within 40 years.

“At the moment, the population of the world is 7.8 billion,” he said.

“That is going to increase in 2064, which is only 40 years away, to a peak of 9.7 billion and, at that point, world populations will for the first time in history begin to decline.

“By 2100 we will be down to 8.8 billion and still falling.

“Now the population at that stage will be greatly aged. In other worlds the population of elderly people will be quite high compared to now and compared to the population of younger people and people who will work and pay taxes to take care of the elderly.

“It will probably be very difficult to reverse this decline after 2100 because we have, in the developed world, been unable to reverse the decline in birth-rate.

“Many countries in the west have schemes to boost birth rates but they are not working.”

All of the genuine comments from the professor William Reville are addressed by more intelligent minds, including Elon Musk.

Elon believes that we don’t need more people for the environment, because the environment is going to be fine without more people, but he adressed an interesting theory. He claims that we are going for a sad period because there will be many old people which will have to be cared for by the young.

He said “you have no idea how fast the population is going to collapse.” He also said that Japan went 600,000 people down last year, which is true. The only thing why we see birth rates increase is because lifespan is at its highest peak, but once the old pass away and there is no replacement for them, the population will drop with blazing speed.

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