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Drink This Magical Drink In The Morning To Cleanse Your Colon

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Drink This Magical Drink In The Morning To Cleanse Your Colon

The main function of the colon is to process almost 3 pints of liquid stool and get it ready for evacuation. Over time, the colon wall accumulates toxic sludge which can cause a lot of distress.

It needs to be cleaned frequently and if the thought of colon hydrotherapy, where a tube is inserted up your bottom, scares you… there are cheaper and easier alternatives.

But How Do You Know When Your Colon Needs Help?

Well everyone should go through the cleansing process, but some are in dire need of it. These signs will reveal the true state of your colon; do not neglect the alarming cries:

1. Digestive problems: Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, polyps, diarrhea, gas and bloating can indicate the sorry state of your bowel. Many people neglect the root cause, even though it is obvious.

2. Fatigue: One of the many functions of the colon is to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. If the wall of the colon is full of toxic waste, it cannot absorb the healthy nutrients. The body then is forced to work overtime to do away with the accumulated waste, draining a lot of energy.

3. Weight gain: a blocked colon messes with the body’s waste elimination mechanism. This in turn makes you gain weight, as the food you intake is being stored.

4. Bad breath and body odor: do you stink even after all the showers you take and feel that “all the perfumes of Arabia” cannot take it away? Well the culprit may be your colon. The body secretes toxins through the sweat glands and when the colon is filled with waste, it lets out a terrible odor.

Sea Salt And Water Is The Key To A Clean Colon

Colon hydrotherapy will cost you a fortune and may even put you in an extremely awkward situation. Sea salt is devoid of the disastrous effects of consuming too much sodium and table salt. It is indentured and retains all the vital vitamins that help our bodies to process the sodium more efficiently. It works wonders even for inflammation in muscles and organs, nerve function, immunity, digestion, hormones and regulates your internal pH.

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Here Is The Cleansing Recipe To Your Rescue

It is not cumbersome and perfect for your Monday morning blues as it is bound to give you a great start! Mix 2 cups of warm filtered water, 2 teaspoons unrefined sea salt and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a big jar. Stir until the salt is fully dissolved. Add water if you think it is too concentrated. Drink it within 5 minutes of getting out of your bed to flush the colon better. Stay away from the bathroom and retain the salt water as long as possible. This will enable the body’s inbuilt waste detox system to start the cleansing process. Don’t worry if you have to rush to the bathroom often during the day, as it shows that the magic colon cleansing potion is working!

Tip: Each time you find yourself grumbling or feeling too lazy to make the salt water, think of the tube stuck to your bottom and you’ll immediately get going.

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