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The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine The Colour Of Your Energy

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The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine The Colour Of Your Energy

Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. The beholder too should be curious, enthusiastic and willing to find it around him.

Nature has provided our eyes with soothing vistas all around, to be enjoyed. The number of things there are for us to behold and be in awe of is limitless virtually.

Humans are some of the few animals who have been blessed with one particular ability that helps our case: the ability to see colour.

Colours are inexplicable on their own; but they help us understand and explain the things we see around us. (If you don’t get this, try describing an orange to someone. Or better still, a sunset.)

And by explaining we also mean appreciating. Human beings cannot explain their world without colour.

Take this iconic sentence from my favourite O’ Henry tale, The gift of the Magi:

“She stood by the window and looked out dully at a gray cat walking a gray fence in a gray backyard.”

Notice how easily, the word ‘gray’ itself tells the reader immediately that there is a sorrow that defies definition except when described by visual parallelisms, in this case, the ‘gray cat’.

Besides colour, something else also predicates our perception of colour… the energy that an object gives off.

Everything in the universe, object or creature vibrates at a certain frequency which gives it its own unique coloured energy.

Each person’s energy is highly personal and subjective.

And this unique energy or aura is what gives us our initial gut – the feeling about an individual.

This so called colour of the energy one radiates, is quite telling; our opinions about others and vice versa are influenced by it a lot more than we’d like to think.

It doesn’t matter if you are skeptical about this theory of auras and energies: you do have to admit however that at certain points in life, there are people with whom your connection is inexplicable; you just hit it/ you just hate each other for no apparent reason whatsoever.

The images you are about to see in the quiz that follows, are designed to target your sub-conscious mind; the colours especially will trigger your mind to recognise its own self in the images.

Consequently, you will come to know what the colour of your unique aura is.


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