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9 Things Women Do, But Have No Idea That Men Find Unattractive

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9 Things Women Do, But Have No Idea That Men Find Unattractive

The dating scene is almost as brutal for women as it is for men nowadays. The reason behind that is because we are distracted and don’t have much time on our hands, so earning and holding someone’s attention has become quite hard.

Women are known to work and try harder than others on their physical appearance, both for their own self and sometimes to try and look attractive in order to woo the opposite sex.

While it’s all with good intentions behind it, these are the 9 things that men have said that they actually dislike and find quite unattractive in women:

1. Too much make-up

According to men, they said for this one to be the number one turn-off.

We understand that women love makeup, but sometimes it can be too much. Men have said that they prefer the natural look more, instead of when they can see layers of makeup on your face.

They have also said that, if the woman wears too much makeup, whenever they see her without it, she almost looks as a different person from the time when she had all that makeup on.

2. Poor personal hygiene

I don’t think there’s need to elaborate on this one. No matter male of female, you should always stay on top of your personal hygiene. I mean, who likes going around smelling bad??

3. Arrogance

There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. It’s called Humility. Confidence smiles. Arrogance smirks.

Be proud of who you are and your achievements, but don’t be dismissive to theirs.

Take time to listen to what the other person has to say; hogging the conversation when on a date is disrespectful; therefore, unattractive.

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4. When you can’t lead or keep the conversation going

A strong confident woman who can lead a conversation is always a turn-on. It is a sign of intelligence, most of all.

And if you can keep the conversation running means that you are interested in him and that the whole date is not a waste of time; that, at the least, a promising friendship can come out of it.

5. Dissing your ex

While some dudes have been reported to get quite the kick out of it, not all guys like their dates spending the evening dissing their exes.

It just translates to you still obsessing about them and possibly not being over them.

To make sure the date doesn’t take a turn to the wrong side, just try and avoid that topic altogether.

6. Drama

Talking about other peoples personal lives, no matter if they are your friends or just people you barely know, is not an ideal conversational topic for a date. Or discussing your own personal drama.

Just avoid talking about “dramatic” scenarios, or gossip, because you don’t want to come off as a drama queen or a person that has a lot of drama involved in their life.

Guys are known to avoid and hate drama, so that is a big turn-off for them.

7. Being too clingy 

Liking you or not after that first date can’t be forced and you have no influence on that. But not being clingy might help you in this situation.

Don’t text them a lot or call them after that. You can and should keep in touch, but don’t over-do it.

8. Short temper

The last thing you want your date to think is that you are disrespectful and angry without reason.

Try to keep calm about things. If you disagree with them on any count during the conversation, be gentle about pointing that out instead of getting mad.

9. Not being attentive and kind

Just plain and simple: be yourself and be nice. Don’t be demanding, as you don’t want to come off as rude.

Be kind to them and kind to anyone around. Guys like it a lot when they see that a female is genuinely kind, doesn’t matter if it is to them, or a waiter or a person they have just met.

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