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Donnie Wahlberg Hands Single Parent Stunning Tip At IHOP – Tells Her “Open It When We Leave”

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Donnie Wahlberg Hands Single Parent Stunning Tip At IHOP – Tells Her “Open It When We Leave”

It’s not surprising that many people have to work themselves to exhaustion in today’s society.

You have probably heard a lot about people who try to take advantage of the system—the few who appear to get by without working, who manage to get by on the goodwill of others, and who seem to float by without lifting a finger.

The reality is that for every “freeloader,” there are hundreds of honest, hardworking people who are just trying to get by.

Even if they are having trouble making ends meet, some of these people continue to show up to work every day and put in as many hours as they can.

If the rumors are true, Bethany Provencher fits this description. She is the dedicated single mother of an 11-year-old boy who decided to leave Miami for St. Charles, Illinois to start again.

Bethany moved to The Magic City, where she signed a lease on a new apartment and quickly found work at an IHOP thanks to her 25 years of experience in customer service.

However, she was aware that money would be tight for the foreseeable future because she had been unable to adequately decorate her new flat.

Then, as the new year approached, a famous couple walked into the IHOP where Bethany worked and sat down in her section of the restaurant.

Donnie Wahlberg, the singer-songwriter, was there with his wife, Jenny McCarthy, and Bethany immediately recognized him.

Reports state that Bethany’s excitement was palpable. The waitress had a soft spot for Donnie and the rest of New Kids on the Block, the band he was a part of.

Thus, Bethany was delighted to be at his service. She had no idea the magnitude of the change that day would bring to her life.

After Donnie and his family finished eating, the musician paid the bill of $35.27 and wrote a note to his daughter Bethany on the receipt.

“Thanks, Bethany, Happy New Year” was written next to a cartoonish smiley face. “2020 Tip Challenge.”

Apparently, before Donnie and his wife left the IHOP, he told Bethany to wait to open the receipt until they left.

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Bethany complied, but she and her employees were still taken aback when she unfolded the receipt and saw that Donnie had left a $2,020 tip.

Watch the clip below to learn more about Donnie’s kindness:

Wow! What a lovely gift, and I’m sure it meant a lot to Bethany during her transition to a new life in Illinois.

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