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Diver Reveals Shocking Moment When He Recognizes A Familiar Face On A Card Recovered From An Underwater Camera


Diver Reveals Shocking Moment When He Recognizes A Familiar Face On A Card Recovered From An Underwater Camera

The owner of a camera that was lost in a shipwreck off the west coast of Vancouver Island two years ago will now receive it back, along with the memory card and all of its photos.

In 2012, while traveling 500 kilometers to his summer residence in Tahsis, British Columbia, artist Paul Burgoyne of Vancouver lost his boat, the Bootlegger. His camera and priceless pictures perished on board the ship.

“That just shocked me,” Burgoyne remarked. “Getting the camera, or the photos back, that’s really quite wonderful.”

Image source: Isabelle M. Côté

Two years later, in May, Tella Osler and Beau Doherty, university students from Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, found Burgoyne’s camera 12 meters below the surface while doing research dives with BMSC Diving and Safety Officer Siobhan Gray off Aguilar Point, British Columbia.​

When the camera was discovered, it was home to a variety of marine creatures from two kingdoms and at least seven phyla, according to Isabelle M. Côté, a professor of marine ecology at Simon Fraser University.

Image source: Isabelle M. Côté

Côté was able to upload a family portrait she discovered among the images to the internet in the hopes of locating the owner because the Lexar Platinum II, 8 GB memory card was still functional.

By chance, Burgoyne’s images will soon be returned to him after a member of the Bamfield coast guard station, who had saved him during his shipwreck, recognized him posing in the middle of the picture.

Burgoyne remarked, “I have a new respect for, you know, these electronics.” “You throw most of it away every two years, but that little card is an amazing bit of technology.”

Image source: Siobhan Gray

After learning Wednesday night that his camera had been located, Burgoyne said memories of the shipwreck suddenly returned to him.

“Right away I thought about that bliss that I felt when the ocean went calm and I was sitting at the back of the boat all by myself and thinking, you know, ‘What could be better than this?” stated Burgoyne.

“I thought I had the boat on auto pilot but clearly I had made a mistake. The next thing all hell was breaking loose.”

Less than an hour after the last pictures were shot, Burgoyne’s nine-meter trawler sank, and his camera—which had some priceless pictures—was lost at sea.

Image source: Siobhan Gray

A family get-together to spread his parents’ ashes in Lake of the Woods in Ontario is depicted in the photos, along with a video that shows the rough waters his boat was in prior to its tragic end.

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