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Daughter Says (Dead) Mom Shows Up To School Every Day; Dad Is Shocked To Learn The Truth

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Daughter Says (Dead) Mom Shows Up To School Every Day; Dad Is Shocked To Learn The Truth

Following his wife’s death in an automobile accident, Michael, a single father, was left to raise his 8-year-old daughter. He believed that he was doing well and that his daughter was with the loss of her mother. However, she told him one day that she saw her mother every day at school.

Every day, Michael lamented the passing of his spouse, Simone. She had passed away in an automobile accident only a few months prior, but because she had fallen into a river, her body was never discovered.

Michael was left alone with Hannah, his 8-year-old daughter. Michael relocated to a new city in order to get away from the upsetting memories that surrounded their old town, determined to remain strong for her. He was aware that Hannah had already lost her mother, and he couldn’t allow her to also lose him.

Hannah appeared content as she gradually grew accustomed to her new school. In contrast, Michael had to acquire the skills necessary to be a mother and a father.

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He got up early every morning to prepare breakfast and pack lunch for Hannah, taught himself how to style her hair and even picked up some ballet routines to practise with her at home.

Simone had taken Hannah to ballet because she thought Hannah would make a fantastic ballerina in the future. That dream endured because of Michael, and it preserved a piece of Simone within her.

Michael chose to bring up Hannah from school today since he had completed work early, which was unusual because Hannah typically took the bus. Excitement boiled up inside of him as he waited in the car outside the school.

Hannah quickly left the school by running. When Michael slammed the horn to gain her attention, she cheerfully waved and ran in the direction of the automobile. With her rucksack slung onto the back seat, she leaped in.

“Hi, Dad!” Hannah grinned broadly and said as she climbed into the vehicle.

“Hello my love. “How was your day at school today?” Michael enquired as he got into his car.

“It did well. I got all these compliments on my maths.” Hannah happily answered, “All the work we did yesterday really helped.”

“I knew it would happen,” Michael grinned.

Hannah’s grin vanished. She complained, “But Mom still ignores me.”

A beat skipped by Michael’s heart. He put greater pressure than intended to the brakes. “Hannah, what do you mean?” With concern in his voice, he inquired, “Do you talk to her?”

“Every day,” Hannah responded. “But she pretends she doesn’t know me.”

With a sigh, and a heavy burden on his chest, Michael got back behind the wheel. Hannah, your mother has moved on to a better place. She is far away and unable to reply to you. However, she listens to everything you say and adores you deeply.”

Hannah had a perplexed expression. “What are you trying to say? She’s not too far away. She’s in school. Every day, I see her,” she argued.

Michael gave her a perplexed expression. “What? What are you talking about?”

Hannah let out a frustrated grunt. “What’s not to understand, Dad? When I get at our school in the morning, Mom cleans it. She pretends not to know me, though, when I speak with her. I believe she’s upset with me because I wish to give up ballet,” she remarked.

“You want to quit ballet?” Startled, Michael enquired.

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Yes. It no longer resonates to me. Mom used to encourage me to dance, but these days she hardly speaks to me’, Hannah remarked.

Michael firmly responded, “Hannah, you’re not quitting ballet.”

“I will!” Hannah shot back, raising her voice.

“No!” Michael’s shout went higher than he meant to. Hannah’s terrified eyes grew wider. He inhaled deeply and lowered his voice. “I apologise, but you’re not giving up on ballet. We’re not talking about this.”

Hannah started to say, “But…”

Michael interrupted her. “We can’t talk about it. We should head to school now, and you show me your mother.”

She is no longer there. Hannah answered, “She only comes in the mornings.”

Michael stated, “Then tomorrow, I’ll go to school with you, and you can show me,” intent on finding out what was happening.

“All right, you’ll see that I’m being honest. You no longer trust me,” Hannah said.

Michael let out a sigh, his heart aching for his kid.

Michael was unable to find calm for the remainder of the day. His head was always buzzing with ideas of Hannah having visions of Simone. He had assumed Hannah was handling her mother’s passing well.

Ever since their relocation to the new city, she had been serene and upbeat. Seemingly, though, he was mistaken.

The following day, Michael escorted Hannah to school and accompanied her inside. Hannah insisted throughout the morning that she was telling the truth and that he will soon be able to confirm it.

“Where is she?” With his eyes darting throughout the school hallways, Michael questioned as they passed.

“I’m not sure. “We must find her,” Hannah retorted, scanning her surroundings warily.

They continued walking past offices and schools. Hannah suddenly yelled, “There! Mom!” She gestured to a housekeeper who was facing away from them. Michael stopped, heart racing.

The woman did look like Simone from behind. Running up to her, Hannah gave her a gentle tug on her sleeve. Michael moved cautiously towards her, his thoughts racing.

It wasn’t Simone, Michael realised when the woman turned around. From a distance, the likeness had been striking, but up close, she was obviously unfamiliar.

Hannah said, “Oh, you’re not my mum.” Her shoulders sagged as she took a step back.

“Unfortunately not, sweetie,” the woman smiled gently at Hannah in response.

Michael took Hannah by the hand and escorted her away after expressing his regret to the woman. “This isn’t your mother, Hannah. Your mother is in a better place now and is constantly watching over you, I know it’s difficult to lose her,” he remarked quietly.

“I’m aware that this isn’t Mom! “I’m not blind,” Hannah murmured, tears welling up in her eyes. “However, she was there. I saw her, I promise.”

With a heavy heart, Michael said, “Okay,” realising the significance of her words.

“You don’t believe me!” Hannah’s voice resounded in the corridor as she yelled. “Mom always believed me!” She turned and fled from Michael’s grasp.

“Hannah!” he yelled after her, but she persisted in running and vanished down the hallway.

With a heavy heart, Michael went back to his car. He was aware of Hannah and Simone’s unique relationship. Though he knew he would never be able to fully replace her mother, he was determined to give his daughter his all.

That same day after school, Michael called in sick to work and made an appointment for Hannah to see a psychologist. “We’re going to see a lady you can talk to about anything,” he said as he scooped her up. She’s willing to help.

Hannah, who was still furious at Michael, scowled and crossed her arms. She said, “I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

Michael added, “I know you’re upset, but this might help,” as they made their way to the psychologist’s office in the car.

The psychologist gave them a cordial welcome when they arrived. “Hello, Hannah. My name is Dr. Stevens. Are you interested in joining me?” She smiled kindly as she asked.

After giving Michael a quick glance, Hannah reluctantly followed Dr. Stevens.

Dr. Stevens emerged after an hour to speak with Michael. She had a sombre, contemplative expression.

“How did it go?” With anxiety in his voice, Michael enquired.

Dr. Stevens gave a comforting grin. “I see no indications of psychiatric problems. She’s not lying, in my opinion. Hannah sincerely thinks that she runs across her mother at school.”

Michael scowled, “But it’s not feasible. Her mum has passed away.”

Dr. Stevens nodded and said, “I get it. However, each person grieves differently. It’s possible that Hannah isn’t ready to part from her mother. She might be recognising her in other people.”

“What should I do?” Feeling lost, Michael enquired.

“Assist her. Trust her,” Dr. Stevens counselled. “She is not fooling you. For now, this is her reality.”

With a nod, Michael inhaled deeply. “Okay, thank you.”

After picking Hannah up, they left for home. He saw she appeared to be a little calmer and less aggressive as he was heading there. He hoped that this was a positive move.

Michael drove Hannah back to school the following day. Her teacher came over to his car as they got there. The teacher continued, “I’d like to show you some of Hannah’s drawings.”

Curious, Michael got out of the automobile. He said, “Sure, let’s see them,” and followed the instructor.

He was given a stack of sketches by the teacher. Surprised, Michael turned through them. “These are incredible. “I had no idea Hannah could draw this well,” he exclaimed, his pride growing.

The teacher said, “She has real talent.”

After expressing his gratitude to the teacher, Michael entered the corridor and kept examining the sketches. He was nearly blind to what was in front of him since he was so engrossed.

He looked up and felt his heart almost stop. Simone was standing there. Michael’s heart pounded and he felt immobile, as if he had forgotten how to breathe.

Hannah suddenly bolted from her classroom, her face beaming with excitement at the sight of the woman.

“Mom!” With a yell, Hannah ran to the woman who bore a striking resemblance to her late mother. She turned and grinned proudly at Michael. “I told you I was telling the truth.”

Michael stood motionless, his thoughts racing. “Uh-huh,” was all he could manage to murmur.

Hannah hesitantly went back to her classroom as the teacher called her back. Michael walked carefully towards the woman, still in shock. With trembling in his voice, he said, “Simone?”

The woman gave him a perplexed look. She said, “Excuse me?”

“Simone, is it really you?” Michael enquired once more, his heart racing.

“I apologise, sir. My name is Evelyn,” the woman firmly said.

Michael was devastated. “Evelyn,” he mutely repeated.

Evelyn answered, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you,” maintaining her bewildered expression.

“How is it possible? Why did you come to be here?” Michael enquired.

I truly don’t know what you’re talking about, sir. I have never in my life seen you before. You had to be thinking I’m someone else. Evelyn turned to go, “I have to get back to work.”

“You have a tattoo on your shoulder!” In desperation, Michael yelled. Evelyn came to a standstill, motionless. “And a Chrysanthemum,” he continued.

With a gentle movement of her head, Evelyn showed surprise in her wide eyes. “How do you know that?”

“When Hannah was born, you got it. Hannah, the flower on your shoulder is called Chrysanthemum. You made a joke that the flower would always be with you, even if Hannah grew up and forgot about you,” Michael said.

“Listen, this is quite peculiar, and it’s frightening me,” she murmured, her gaze wandering erratically.

“I was too afraid to have that tattoo, but I also wanted one,” Michael remarked, “You were always bolder than me.

“How are you aware of the tattoo that I own? Have you been following me? That weird kid called me her mother first, and now you.” With a rising voice of panic, Evelyn said, “I’m going to go crazy.”

“Please allow me to go over everything. Are you going to join me for coffee?” With beseeching eyes, Michael enquired.

Evelyn said, “I need to finish my work,” maintaining her cautious expression.

Michael said, “I’ll wait for you outside,” hoping she would accept.

Michael stepped outside and rested his head on his car. This was real? He couldn’t believe it. Simone eventually emerged from the school and cautiously made her way over to him.

“Ready to go?” Michael questioned quietly.

Simone gave a nod, and they climbed into the car and headed to the closest café. They placed a coffee order. dark. Michael grinned, recalling how Simone detested coffee that had cream or sugar in it.

Michael drew a deep breath when their order came. “I have something I must tell you. Hannah is our daughter, and we were joined in marriage.”

Simone listened closely but with a perplexed expression. She muttered, “I don’t remember any of that.” “On the riverbank, fishermen found me. They allowed me to live with them, but I was unable to recall my identity or anything else from my past. I’m not sure why, but Evelyn was my choice.”

Michael’s gaze grew gentler. He clarified, “We wanted to name our next daughter Evelyn.”

Simone’s eyes got bigger. “Really?”

Michael gave a nod. Indeed. I would love for you to come home with Hannah and me. You don’t have to make a decision right away, but consider it.”

Looking down, Simone examined her coffee. “Alright, I’ll accompany you. However, I’m still unable to recall anything.”

Michael gave a soft smile. “That’s okay. We are able to solve it collectively.”

Simone had spent a week living with Michael and Hannah. Hannah was ecstatic and kept telling Michael that she had been correct.

Simone was attempting to get used to her new life as well. She was still unable to recall anything from the past, but she was making every effort to blend in.

Michael concluded they should sleep in different rooms for the time being. He desired for Simone to be at ease and unburdened.

Simone was completing her coffee at the table this morning after breakfast while Michael cleaned the dishes. Hannah walked over to Simone, her expression grim.

“Mom, will you be mad at me if I quit ballet?” Hannah questioning.

She turned to look at Michael, who had stopped doing the dishes to listen, and said, “Why would I be mad at you?”

“You enjoyed seeing me perform. You desired for me to become a ballerina,” Hannah said.

Simone gave a soft smile. She said, “And what do you want to do?”

Hannah smiled broadly. “I want to draw!”

Then you ought to draw, Simone advised. She looked across to Michael. “Do you think we could enrol her in an art school?”

Michael gave me a kind smile. “Definitely, yes,” he answered.

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“Yay!” Hannah yelled. She gave Simone a tight hug, went to embrace Michael, and hurried back to her room.

After observing her go, Simone approached Michael with caution while carrying her coffee cup. “I’ll wash this,” she said.

Michael removed the cup out of her grasp. “It’s alright, I’ll clean it,” he grinned. Simone grinned back, standing where she was. She just stood there, observing him.

“Is everything okay?” Michael observed her reluctance and inquired.

“Yes,” a quiet Simone replied. “I think I remembered something.”

Michael looked up at her. “What did you remember?”

As we stood by the sea, a dog approached us. We were standing beneath an arch when it first toppled me over, according to Simone.

Michael chuckled. “Indeed, that was our nuptials. My childhood pet, Toby, was the dog. He was very excited about you and couldn’t stop himself. You said that our wedding story was your favourite.”

Simone grinned. “I think it will still be my favourite story when I remember everything,” she stated.

Simone smiled back at Michael, and he gave her a tentative hug. With caution not to squirt her with soap and water, Michael gave her a hug in return. Hope and warmth rushed through him.

He never would have anticipated feeling this pleased again, only a few weeks ago. He was struck with how much he had missed this intimacy as he hugged her.

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