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People Reveal About Their Low Key Revenge

Off The Record

People Reveal About Their Low Key Revenge

Many individuals are aware that getting even is rarely simple and that you almost always have to take action in order to see your opponents fall.

Though there are many ways to exact retribution, these individuals went for the covert approaches. Here are their stories…

(Original stories have been rewritten for originality)


    User-Submitted Original Story from June 2, 2021

    “My friend Bob used to complain about not being able to sleep at night, even though he didn’t genuinely have insomnia—he just used to sleep from around 7 pm till 10 pm in a shared house with some guys while he was a student.

    After one of the guys lied to his girlfriend, they had a difficult breakup. Around two in the morning, they began to receive quiet phone calls, etc. Sadly, Bob answered the phone since he was awake and only watching television at the moment. He assumed it was a prank call from his housemate’s ex when the line went dead, so instead of hanging up, he continued to speak into the quiet line.

    He would talk to her till they hung up, telling her about his plans for the next day, what he had done that day, the TV show he was watching, and so on. She didn’t say anything during the whole one-sided chat.

    This continued for a few times before he began to genuinely anticipate it.

    It seems that conversing with someone while viewing The Incredible Hulk enhances the experience, even if they don’t respond. She eventually got tired of harassing her ex because she was wasting her time and money on her phone bill. Ultimately, Bob took the call, so nobody was awakened.

    Bob was going to keep up the custom of calling her first thing in the morning because he missed the calls so much.

    She called him in a panic a day later, apologizing and pleading with him not to call and tell her about the late-night TV and math classes!


      User-Submitted Original Story from June 2, 2021

      “My computer’s repair department keeps calling to try to solve my issues. To convince me to provide enough information for identity theft, it’s just plain spam.

      I therefore have no sympathy for these people. Initially, all I had done was tell them I was onto them and request to be removed from the call list.

      No progress, calls continue to come in. I’ve tried yelling into the phone in an aggressive manner in an attempt to damage their eardrums. No progress, calls continue to come in. I made an attempt to firmly tell you that I’m wasting my time. I’m wasting his time, the idiot said, nothing to do.

      Finally, an effective plan! When I answered the phone, I said, “Please wait a minute while I turn off something that is on the stove.”

      After that, I put down the phone and resumed my life. I hear, “How long do you expect me to hold,” a little while later. I held off until he hung up. They called again, and this time I said I would be right there to finish an email and put the phone down.

      That was these geniuses’ final call to date. After someone tells you they are onto you and lays out your scheme, who tries to con them?

      It’s passive-aggressive because I’m deliberately doing something that would enrage them without realizing that they’ve been “aggressed,” yet I’m behaving as though I’m a nice, cheerful, nothing-is-wrong person.

      Not initially, at least.


        User-Submitted Original Story from June 2, 2021

        “In India, the country of my birth, the Hindus celebrate the festival of ‘Ganesha,’ honoring one of our numerous deities. Many of us spend five days in our homes with a clay idol of the Lord.

        We go to households to view their idols, pay our respects, and offer the Lord food. The guests are also provided with a large amount of food. During a memorable festival day, a relative of mine visited our home to honor the deity. Before I go into any more specifics about the tale, let me just say this: this particular relative is a total jerk in general. He is rude to everyone, has lied to his wife and has a separate family with a different woman. He also doesn’t give his wife any money because she is a housewife, manipulates her to the point of being treated like a servant, even though she is an elderly woman.

        She also has a lot of health problems.

        We don’t see him very often, but when we do, my family gets along well with him for reasons that are specific (but that’s another story). He therefore came to our home on that specific festival day and said, “My wife wanted to come and pay respects to the Lord, but she’s sick so I’m here on her behalf.” He was there for the free food, as we all know.

        Nevertheless, my mother invites him in, and the elderly relative strikes up a conversation with her for five minutes before being given some food. After that, my mother offers him a cotton bedsheet (which covers our mattress) as a gift (basic gifts like handkerchiefs, bedsheets, reusable grocery bags, etc. are common). Although not very costly, the bedsheet wasn’t inexpensive either.

        It was actually very beneficial for his way of living. He tells my mother, “Did you just wash your own bedsheet and give it to me as a gift?” after receiving it. It looks very worn out.

        Naturally, such a remark upsets my mother, but she doesn’t lose her cool. Since I was sitting directly in front of the relative the entire time, I watched the entire episode, and naturally, I’m upset.

        I was feeling quite brave at the time, fifteen years old, and I have always been very protective of my family (and also had a great temper). I couldn’t think of a way to make him feel guilty about insulting my mother after she had given him a really wonderful present, but I was outraged anyway.

        He had messed with my mom, so I wanted to really hurt him, even though I knew my mother would chastise me later for cursing in general and acting disrespectfully toward an adult. I was almost ready to just curse him.

        I made up my mind to curse loudly in Hindi at him as soon as he left, and I even gave it some mental practice.

        I didn’t have to use profanity, though. He had brought something as an offering, as he had come to honor the Lord. He said that he would worship to Ganesha and then depart after making his comments regarding the bedsheet. I was observing everything he did, and as he prepared to offer the apple he had brought as sustenance,

        “Stop, grandfather!” I exclaimed.

        He gives me a perplexed expression.

        I then say it.

        “Are you certain you didn’t pick the apple from the gutter?” (Indian terms for an open sewage system)? Keeping soiled fruit in front of the Lord is bad.

        He is enraged. He tells my mother that I am a dangerous person and that I don’t respect senior citizens.

        I should go inside, my mother says.

        After five minutes, I find out that he went shortly after, not bothering to keep the apple in front of the Lord (after requesting that more food be packed).

        Seven years have passed after the incident, and my entire family is grateful that I kept him out of my house, hehe!


          User-Submitted Original Story from June 2, 2021

          This occurred a few months ago. It is quite difficult to locate a spot for a car to park in my crowded neighborhood of Jakarta unless it is in our own private garage. About an hour out from home, I made sure I wouldn’t clog traffic by calling my housemaid to open the front gate.

          When I got home, my driveway was blocked by an opulent MPV that was parked in my garage. Everywhere I looked, there were hooters, and people were yelling at me. I parked my car at the closest petrol station and drove away, not wanting to further the situation. I was too overwhelmed with everything to think clearly.

          I ran home to see what was happening. My housemaid informed me that although she had earlier attempted to stop the car from parking in my garage, she was powerless since the man had intimidated her, claimed to be a police officer on duty, and threatened to stay there for no more than ten minutes.

          I felt that was excessive. Invasion and intimidation There was no more waiting for me. He hadn’t shown up for more than two hours. In order to spend a night at my brother’s place, I instructed my housemaid to prepare some clothes. I shut the front gate twice, trapping the automobile inside and preventing it from leaving.

          I told my brother everything when I went to his place. We decided not to take any calls about the driver’s situation while we were laughing. I asked my neighbor to handle that man the following day. The driver showed us how deeply sorry he was by bringing us an abundance of beautiful fruits. You got it!


            User-Submitted Original Story from June 2, 2021

            “My attempt to purchase a new Honda from a nearby dealership was a terrible experience. They persisted in trying to upsell me on a different model even after I told them what I needed. Next it was a change of salesmen, followed by a hard-core close, etc. Since sales are a necessary component of the game, I don’t find them to be very bothersome.

            But I got into the car and drove out once we worked out a price and finished the papers.

            Three days later at work, I received a call from Jennifer at the office, which made me delighted. Due to a mistake, they failed to receive payment for some particular fees specified in the contract. I thought I had paid for everything on the list. I informed Jennifer that I would need a few days to examine the check I wrote and go over the contract to see whether I owed anything.

            She turned into a combative sorceress, demanding that I come down immediately and make payment. I assured her that I would check the contract and pay them what I owed. The following morning, around 9:00 am, she made another obnoxious phone demanding payment. When I went over the contract later that night, I saw that they owed them $394.00 since they had not added up the document fee correctly.

            I called Jennifer and informed her that I had located the error, that I would pay the amount owed, and that I would like her to let me know when she was leaving the office so that I could give her a personal payment. Jennifer has an 8 to 5 job, Monday through Friday, so I waited until 4:50 p.m. to give her $394 in nickels. They had to manually count all the coins because I had broken the seals on the bank’s bags.

            I had gone inside their client lounge with a book and waited for them to finish counting. Observing Jennifer and four salespeople arrange nickels in small rows was entertaining. They delivered me the $0.45 in extra money I contributed to see whether they would correctly count it after more than ninety minutes. If they insisted it was all there, my backup plan was to tell them I had included extra and couldn’t recall how much, so they would have to recount.


            In fact, doing harm is not always the solution. Our bullies occasionally only require a small warning to understand that their behavior has reached a dangerous level.

            (Note: For the sake of our audiences, certain stories have been altered and shortened.)

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