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Do Not To Tie Ribbons On Your Luggage, Here’s Why

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Do Not To Tie Ribbons On Your Luggage, Here’s Why

It can be very tiring to travel, particularly when managing bags. The frustration of searching through a packed conveyor belt for our bags is something that many of us have experienced.

People frequently attach vibrant ribbons or strings on their luggage to make it stand out. John, a Dublin Airport baggage handler, explains why this might not be the best idea.

Why Ribbons May Result in Issues

According to John, baggage hall scanning can be hampered by bows and ribbons on suitcases.

The suitcase might need to be manually processed if the automatic scanners are unable to read its information.

This could lead to delays or even the possibility that your luggage will miss your flight.

Improved Methods for Labeling Your Bags

John advises utilizing distinctive or personalized bags to avoid this problem. Without interfering with the scanning process, bags with unique colors, patterns, or bespoke designs are simpler to identify. To really make your bag stand out, try stickers or fabric paint.

Take Off Old Labels

John also suggests removing any outdated tags or labeling from earlier flights. These have the potential to fool electronic scanners and direct your bags in the incorrect direction.

Treat Your Bags Carefully

John also suggests that while weighing or giving luggage to airline employees, it should be placed with the wheels facing up. This lessens the chance of damage to the wheels.

Strange Things Not to Pack

It’s interesting that John points out that packing some things, like marzipan, can lead to issues. Because marzipan and various explosives have similar densities, marzipan can set off security alerts, which may result in your luggage being examined and possibly taken off the aircraft.

Expert Packing Advice

In addition to John’s instruction, seasoned tourists and other professionals provide extra packing tips. To make sure you have everything you need and to prevent overpacking, they advise spreading out all of your belongings before packing.

Comfortable Carry-On Bags

Although soft bags work best for carry-ons, sturdy suitcases are recommended for checked baggage. They fit into overhead compartments more easily and with greater flexibility. Keeping your things tidy and shielding them from spills and grime can also be accomplished by keeping a few throwaway or reusable bags on hand.

Roll Instead of Folding

Instead of folding your clothes before packing, roll them to conserve space and maintain organization. Another way to increase the space in your suitcase is to roll your items together.

By keeping these suggestions in mind when you travel, you can ensure your luggage arrives on time and safely and that your trip runs more smoothly.

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