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Palace Insider Claims Time King Charles Doesn’t Have Much To Live, And We Are Devastated

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Palace Insider Claims Time King Charles Doesn’t Have Much To Live, And We Are Devastated

Is the cancer diagnosis of King Charles more serious than the palace is indicating?

New information suggests that the situation might be far worse than the royal family would have us believe.

Although the king is keeping it quiet at the moment, sources close to him have stated that he only has two years to live.

There have reportedly been worries about the monarch’s health long before he made public that he was battling the illness.

Charles is reportedly fighting pancreatic cancer, according to a source.

The only information the royals have provided about Charles’ cancer is that it was found during a treatment to address an enlarged prostate. However, among the staff members who deal closely with Charles, the specifics of his cancer are kept a secret, a palace insider told In Touch Weekly.

It is said that he is battling pancreatic cancer and that his prognosis is only two years.

Insiders fear that they do not have the complete story

“Many courtiers believe Charles’ cancer is worse than they’re making it out to be. Even before the diagnosis, there were concerns about his health,” according to a second insider.

This would indicate that the secret was only recently preserved, given that no one was aware of any health issues Charles may have had previously.

It is claimed that Charles is “following doctor’s orders.”

According to the source, Charles could be able to prolong his life “by a few years, at least” by receiving treatment.

“Charles is keeping up with some appearances, not only to squash the wild conspiracy theories and false reports of his death, but to ensure people that he’s still able to perform his duties as king,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

He might not be able to equal his mother’s accomplishments.

That would have been difficult to do regardless, given Queen Elizabeth’s over 70-year reign.

“It’s a tragedy that Charles won’t be able to follow in his mother’s footsteps of leaving a lasting legacy,” stated an insider.

There has been a lot of change inside the royal family.

We’ve witnessed a lot of changes in the royal family in a short period of time, from Charles’ cancer diagnosis to Kate Middleton’s surgery (and the conspiracy theories that followed).

While Charles concentrates on his health, hopefully they will be able to endure those adjustments.

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