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Dakota Fanning Revealed What Tom Cruise Does For Her Every Year

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Dakota Fanning Revealed What Tom Cruise Does For Her Every Year

Dakota Fanning grew raised in Hollywood, for the most part. Since she was five years old, she has been an actor. She started out in commercials before going on to the big screen.

Her career has been amazing, with major assignments under her belt at a relatively young age. The actress has a lot of fascinating anecdotes to share, having worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood before she was even thirteen.

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In a recent interview, Fanning remarked, “Tom sends me a birthday gift every year and has since that birthday,” recalling how Cruise initiated the custom with an extremely meaningful gift while they were filming “War of the Worlds.”

Recently, Dakota Fanning has been appearing in press to promote Ripley, her Netflix series in which she co-stars with Andrew Scott.

She related the tale of how she obtained her first mobile during the interview.

In a game that Scott and Fanning played, Scott was asked, “Who gave Dakota her first cell phone?” and he answered, “Okay, well it’s going to be some Hollywood icon… Tom Cruise?”

His response was accurate, as Fanning attested to the fact that Cruise was the one who had left her her first mobile phone—a Motorola Razr.

“Oh my God, I was so excited,” she said, recalling her reaction to receiving such a wonderful birthday gift from the actor.

She “didn’t have anybody to call or text at that time,” but having her very own flip phone made her feel great anyway.

“You know, I was eleven,” she explained. “But I loved having it. I loved it. I felt so cool.”

She disclosed that she had observed Cruise’s considerate nature ever since they worked together on a movie in 2005.

Since they worked on War of the Worlds together, she claimed the actor has remembered her birthday each year. He was so thoughtful as to remember to send her a gift as well.

She said, “Tom sends me a birthday gift every year, and has since that birthday,” which included her 30th birthday that just passed. She applauded Cruise, saying, “Yeah, so thoughtful, really really nice.”

Scott laughed, “That’s lovely, he’s never given me anything,” and then he turned to face the camera.

I was unaware that Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning still had such a lovely relationship.

Reports state that Tom Cruise plays “no role” in the daughter’s life, who is 17 years old. It truly makes me happy to hear this.

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