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16-year-old Suri Cruise Is The Perfect Blend Of Her Pops Tom Cruise And Mom Katie Holmes

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16-year-old Suri Cruise Is The Perfect Blend Of Her Pops Tom Cruise And Mom Katie Holmes

Wow, kids mature so rapidly these days! This includes Suri Cruise without a doubt. Now that she’s 16, the teen has begun to take after a famous person—her two Hollywood parents.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their daughter Suri into the world, and the two quickly became household names. Around 2005, her parents started dating and the following year they wed. A few months before to her parents’ wedding, Suri was born.

Tom and Katie were married for about six years, and throughout that time, they were frequently spotted with their daughter, who they carefully shielded from the paparazzi.

In an effort to protect their daughter from the constant glare of the media, Suri’s famous parents would frequently cover her face and shelter her from the cameras. Suri has maintained this stance over the years by not creating any public social media profiles in her name.

The teenager is no longer able to leave her apartment in New York without being photographed. Even more recently taken photos show that the 16-year-old now looks just like her famous parents.

Suri Cruise seems like the perfect combination of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, whereas some children resemble only one parent. The adolescent appears to have inherited beautiful traits from both parents.

Suri Cruise is said to have a rocky connection with her famous father, Tom Cruise, despite their striking similarity.

They weren’t seen together in public since 2012. Reportedly, Katie Holmes is frustrated that Tom does not do more to be part in Suri’s life.

While some believe that Tom’s refusal to meet his daughter and maintain a relationship with her might have to do with his Scientology faith, the rumor has been proven wrong. Scientology does not stop parents from meeting their children. But it is entirely possible that Tom meets Suri out of the public eye.

Whatever the status of their relationship may be, it cannot be denied that Suri Cruise resembles both her mother and father.

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