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Dad Puts Recording Device In Her Hair, Catches Teacher Berating Children In The Act

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Dad Puts Recording Device In Her Hair, Catches Teacher Berating Children In The Act

As parents we just know when things are not well with our youngsters. They act unusual and knowing them since they got out of the womb, by paying small attention we can see when something is wrong.

A mom and dad knew something was very off with their daughter when she told them that her teacher is bullying all the kids in the classroom.

Tomas Valerio and his wife knew they had to do something and decided to put a small microphone into her daughter’s hair after complaining to staff at Pine Grove Elementary School in Spring Hill, Florida.

The teacher who hasn’t been named can be caught screaming ‘Stop talking! For once in your lives stop talking!’

In another voice recording, she snapped: ‘Why would you put an open drink in your backpack? It’s common sense. What’s going to happen to an open drink that goes into your backpack? It’s going to spill all over everything!’

In another voice, she can be heard bullying another child by yelling at him about a math problem: ‘Obviously, you don’t understand it.’

Valerio appreciates that some teachers use a bit more “tough love” when they teach the kids, but this particular teacher’s attitude and tone of voice amounts to bullying, and you can hear it yourself in the recording below.

He says that his daughter has no enthusiasm to go to school anymore, and gets sick of going to class every single day.

Valerio and his wife took the recordings to the school principal, but they refused to listen to them.

The principal cited that it’s a school policy to refuse to listen to secretly-obtained recordings of staff members.

Afterwards, a spokesman told WFTS: ‘We are aware of the concerns expressed by parents from Pine Grove Elementary.

‘The school administration concluded their investigation and the teacher was disciplined in accordance with our School Board policy and procedures.

‘The principal has been in contact with the parents multiple times and has offered several solutions including to change the child’s teacher.’

Judge it yourself, if this is bullying or not:

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