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8 Years Old Boy ‘Disappears’ Every Night, Then Dad Secretly Follows Him And Uncovers The Mystifying Truth

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8 Years Old Boy ‘Disappears’ Every Night, Then Dad Secretly Follows Him And Uncovers The Mystifying Truth

When Barry, the father of an 8 year old noticed that his son was taking longer than usual to come back from school, he knew something was not right.

The alarming sign increased when he didn’t have enough money for treats and toys.

When Barry decided to follow his son one day, he uncovered the mystifying truth.

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Kenn was only 8 years old when it happened. He lived in Davao City in the Philippines with his parents. Even at such a young age, Kenn was a very smart and capable little boy. Every day he’d walk from school to home alone, but when he started to get back later than usual, his dad knew something was going on.

Barry Amante was a hard working individual. He ran a small business as a car mechanic. He threw himself to work every day to support his family. Barry knew that nothing is free in life. It takes education, skill, as well as being capable to control the funds. That being said he always made sure to give his son a small allowance so he can learn to spend the money wisely. But the last few weeks his son was broke, and with him coming late after school he knew something fishy was happening.

He decided to follow his son Kenn to see where he is going after school, terrified of the thought that something bad was happening. He left the garage door open while he worked to see exactly when Kenn will arrive. He was disappointed when Kenn came home only 10 minutes late, but as soon as he came, he walked out again with his backpack. Then Barry decided to give him a head start and followed him.

Kenn’s backpack was sagging, alerting his father that it’s empty, but soon after he noticed that his son went into the local store and came out with his backpack bulging. Then Kenn took a left turn and walked down the road. Along the way there were cafes, pawn shows, scrap yards, but Kenn walked down further into the ‘bad’ part of the neighbourhood. That was no place for 8 year old and Barry began to worry.

In the middle of nowhere Kenn stopped and lowered himself into a crouching position and pulled out something from the backpack. What was he doing?! Barry questioned himself worried to death. Then he saw movement from the bushes and 3 animals leapt out of their hiding places.

Barry rushed to Kenn and chased the dogs away, but had his worries taken away when he saw the boy placed on the ground disposable plates and dog food. The dogs were malnourished and had patches of hair missing.

Kenn was shocked to see his dad far from home at that time. He owed him an explanation. The little boy came clean when he told him that every 2 weeks he’d come to that spot to feed the stray dogs with his pocket money. Barry had his eyes teared up. He snapped the now famous picture of his son feeding the strays and posted it on Reddit, where it soon caught the attention of animal lovers around the world.

‘My son changed my perspective entirely’, he wrote. However, he was worried for Kenn’s health. They made an agreement that he would buy the food for the dogs, but he has to get a rabies vaccine and carry disinfectant in his backpack.

Barry and his son now have an animal shelter, after getting lots of donations from people online to help the stray cats and dogs desperately looking for help on the streets. Happy Animals Club’s main goal will be to rescue dogs from the city pound.

What do you think of little Kenn and his father Barry?

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