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Chilling Warning From 1965 Comes True 58 Years Later

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Chilling Warning From 1965 Comes True 58 Years Later

Many years ago, a daring and dedicated American sent a message to his listeners that foretold the societal and cultural future of the United States.

“If he were the devil,” he aired what he would say and do to damage our culture and weaken our social traditions as a whole.

That man was Paul Harvey Aurandt, better known as just Paul Harvey, and his message has not only proven to be prophetic but also serves as a warning to Americans about the direction our culture continues to travel.

Just by reading this speech, you will get goosebumps…

In conclusion, this provocative text presents a hypothetical scenario where the devil himself outlines his strategies for corrupting and controlling the world.

Through a chilling monologue, the devil expresses a desire to engulf the entire world in darkness and specifically targets the United States for domination.

The devil outlines a multifaceted plan that includes subverting churches, spreading doubt about religion, promoting moral relativism, and undermining traditional values.

He discusses manipulating media, literature, and entertainment to glorify vices, eroding the fabric of society.

The devil envisions a world where families, churches, and nations are at war with themselves, and where God is gradually expelled from important institutions.

Furthermore, the devil emphasizes the erosion of moral principles, the breakdown of discipline in schools, the exploitation of vulnerable individuals, and the promotion of materialism and instant gratification.

He envisions a society where the pursuit of wealth is prioritized over integrity and hard work, where gambling is encouraged, and where traditional institutions such as marriage are devalued.

Overall, the text serves as a cautionary tale, warning against the subtle and pervasive influence of evil in society.

It urges readers to remain vigilant, defend core values, and resist the temptations that can lead to the destruction of individual lives and the unraveling of societal foundations…

Here’s what he said exactly…


Chilling Warning From 1965 Comes True 58 Years Later

“If I were the devil … If I were the Prince of Darkness, I’d want to engulf the whole world in darkness.

And I’d have a third of its real estate, and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn’t be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree — Thee.

So I’d set about however necessary to take over the United States.

I’d subvert the churches first — I’d begin with a campaign of whispers.

With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: ‘Do as you please.

To the young, I would whisper that ‘The Bible is a myth.’

I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what’s bad is good, and what’s good is ‘square.’

And the old, I would teach to pray, after me, ‘Our Father, which art in Washington…

And then I’d get organized.

I’d educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting, so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting.

I’d threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.

I’d pedal narcotics to whom I could. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.

I’d tranquilize the rest with pills.

If I were the devil I’d soon have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves; until each in its turn was consumed.

And with promises of higher ratings I’d have mesmerizing media fanning the flames.

If I were the devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions — just let those run wild, until before you knew it, you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door.

Within a decade I’d have prisons overflowing, I’d have judges promoting p***ography — soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress.

And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science.

I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls, and church money.

If I were the devil I’d make the symbols of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas a bottle.

If I were the devil I’d take from those who have, and give to those who want until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.

And what do you bet I could get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich?

I would caution against extremes and hard work in Patriotism, in moral conduct.

I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on the TV is the way to be.

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And thus, I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.

In other words, if I were the devil I’d just keep right on doing what he’s doing.”

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