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Bollywood MJ Are Taking Michael Jackson’s Dance Moves To The Next Level

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Bollywood MJ Are Taking Michael Jackson’s Dance Moves To The Next Level

Michael Jackson was and still is one of the most famous person in the world.

He made his name while he lived and still has a number of signature songs and moves prevalent amongst the masses.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that his famous moonwalk is something many dancers try replicating – bear in mind though, it might seem like a piece of cake and but it sure isn’t. Then, there are certain individuals who take their entire inspiration for their dance routine from MJ.

Bollywood MJ is just another dance group who have fairly taken their craze for MJ to next level with their moves. You will know what it is about once you watch the video!

First off, the selection of songs is impeccable – all funky and upbeat with MJ undertone hitting the feels. Many of the songs are old school Indian but with the touch of MJ charisma and a little remix, the outcome is something you wouldn’t be able to get out of your head for a while!

Bollywood MJ is very rightfully named so, considering how their moves yell MJ! If you have ever watched Michael Jackson dance, you know what they are doing.

One truly spectacular aspect about their dance is the coordination – they make it look like its effortless: gliding so smoothly, moving legs as if they are mechanical and the lifts so amazing!

The video is a good 6-minutes long and they have danced throughout – imagine the efforts and time which would have gone into it. Anyways, such a long performance and they do not miss a beat. Now that is something you appreciate. Spectators surely seem to enjoy their performance and do not fail to express their awe at every creatively astounding move Bollywood MJ pull.

It is one of the most entertaining videos you will see today. Not a moment goes by where you feel bored!

Thanks to Sharaey Khanna for this amazing video! Make sure to follow his Facebook Page and Instagram Profile!

Bollywood MJ

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Posted by Shraey khanna on Friday, March 18, 2016

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