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After 28 Years, Mr. Bean Is Still Making People Laugh Like Crazy With His Timeless Humor

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After 28 Years, Mr. Bean Is Still Making People Laugh Like Crazy With His Timeless Humor

What just does not go together? Mr. Bean and a church!

There is nothing undeniable about the fact that some of Hollywood’s funniest scenes have taken inside a church! And what is to make everything more exciting than our very own, extremely famous Mr. Bean, inside one?

We all know these worshiping sessions can be extremely tedious and boring, and Mr. Bean here is depicting what we all tend to do at one point or another- crave for something sweet! The video shows his struggles with a piece of candy as he tries to unwrap it without getting the attention of the judgmental man sitting beside him.

His dreadful journey which is always quite entertaining for us begins with him trying to unwrap a piece of candy with the least amount of noise possible. Next in line is the part when you try to get the least attention but end up being the center of one! The old man is also on the verge of losing his patience when Mr. Bean tries to get his hand out of the pocket and in the process, accidentally kicks the man in his guts.

Mr. Bean is all of us when he dreads to contribute to singing but as soon as the part hallelujah comes up; he cannot seem to lower his voice which once again overwhelms the old man. Still struggling with the piece of candy, Mr. Bean lowers down to get it and after a final successful attempt, he cannot seem to narrow down the smile on his face. A proud moment for Mr. Bean and all his fans!

But it is not after a few seconds that all that is done is in vain as his candy drops down once again.

To check out this hilarious video, see the video below!

Thanks to Mr. Bean for his timeless jokes and make sure to follow him on Facebook!

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