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One Of The Finest Acoustic Guitarist In The World Is Producing Sound You Don’t Want To End

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One Of The Finest Acoustic Guitarist In The World Is Producing Sound You Don’t Want To End

Are you a guitar fanatic? Do acoustic guitars seem like your thing? Do the strings of the guitar soothe you? Well, it is just the video you need to see! It is one of the videos from this Stringscapes series, where he used a custom guitar and camera rig.

Alan Gogoll has put his creativity on show with this amazing video! Alan is an acoustic guitarist from Australia. If anything, the video is the prime showcase of the talent he possesses and his expertise at impeccable guitar tuning. He is the pioneer of the Bells Harmonics’ technique – something you would be familiar with if you have knowledge about guitars in general.

By the end of the video, you will have realized why is recognized as one of the finest acoustic guitarist in the world!

If you ever wonder how the strings looks like from the inside of a guitar, the video will show you. They seem very picturesque, don’t they? Moreover, it is worth noting how the various sound waves are produced when these strings bounce in specific waves themselves – sound waves quite literally, eh? And the nature-inspired backgrounds are just another addition to the feels this video gives. The hues are simply complementary, enhancing the perception at a whole other level.

Coming to the composition, each piece is simply amazing and you would not want to stop until you listen till the end. The notes he pulls of and their complexity have certainly earned him the rightful fame.

Alan has built his reputation around composing intricate and uplifting musical pieces and the entire video aids this notion. He has successfully managed to showcase his signature guitar tuning in this video.

Inevitably, he has to be given credit for originality and creativity.

You wouldn’t have seen something of this sort earlier! In fact, you might be a little into guitars after watching this video!

Thanks to Alan Gogoll for this amazing video! Make sure to follow him for more incredible videos!



Posted by Alan Gogoll on Saturday, September 16, 2017

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