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A Pilot Captured Mesmerizing Footage Of Boeing 787 Spectacular Contrails

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A Pilot Captured Mesmerizing Footage Of Boeing 787 Spectacular Contrails

Do you remember seeing cloud-like formations in the sky and a plane leaving them behind? Have you wondered what are the streaks of smoke, or so we think, jets billow at an air-show? Those are called contrails: the condensed exhaust fumes of the plane when the hot air meets the cool air temperatures several miles above the earth’s surface.

This video is of a similar spectacular vapor trail left behind by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner when it was seen passing underneath another plane.

The Boeing 787 was flying 33,000-feet above the East Coast of Russia. Lou Boyer, pilot of Boeing 747, the plane underneath which Boeing 787 passed by, recorded this spectacle of a sight.

The streaks of orange and grey, courtesy of the dawn breaking, makes for a picturesque background, enabling the sight to be much more appealing. The contrails look so mesmerizing against those hues.

Even though the wisps of vapor seem like an unplanned occurrence, they have very interesting theories as well. For believers of such theories, these are chemtrails and not contrails.

But what does it mean?

Well, supporters of this theory believe that these aren’t just simple trails, rather they think that it is part of a much broader global scheme. According to them, this phenomenon is a key to alter earth’s weather so that the effects of climate change could be reversed.

There is another group of believes that the vapor trails have chemical or biological elements that have the power to control the population, mind or manipulate the weather in certain area. These theories became popular as more people started witnessing change in these trails left behind by the planes.

However, scientific community rejects any such theory on the basis of lack of scientific evidence. They say these are just normal contrails and do not hold any secret agenda on broader perspective.

Thanks to LouB747 for this amazing video! Make sure to follow him on YouTube!

Watch the vide below:

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