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Bob Marley Was Asked If He Was Rich, But Instead He Revealed The Meaning Of Life


Bob Marley Was Asked If He Was Rich, But Instead He Revealed The Meaning Of Life

It’s one of humanity’s biggest questions, but there is no simple answer.

Let’s give it a try anyway: what is the meaning of life?

No matter what kind of job you have, or how deep pockets do you carry. Life will always ask for something more out of you, because if you look at it simply, with or without you, life will still continue. Even without humanity the world would still exist. And the dark truth is that if we all perished in one second, the world will repair and heal itself from the massive damage we caused.

So the bottom life is: nothing. Nothing is the meaning of life.

But hey, it’s not all that negative.

Have you ever imagined what humanity can accomplish only if we all strived to make this world a better place? At this very moment we have around 7,6 billion people. Imagine, just imagine the world if everyone would help in some way, instead of trying to get everything for themselves? That’s the definition of paradise if you ask me.

The creator camouflaged paradise here on Earth in every corner, and we are too blind to see it chasing “wealth”.

So yes, life itself doesn’t have a meaning, but we must give meaning to our life.

Is Bob Marley Rich?

We all know Bob Marley.

He achieved several great accomplishments during his life, including serving as a world ambassador for reggae music, earning induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and selling more than 20 million records—making him the first international superstar to emerge from the so-called Third World.

Bob Marley lived in a life with no fear. He possesses a musical skill and because of his childhood he had a mindset to change the world. Bob Marley is an inspiration because he gave back to the people who are in need of help.

When he was asked if he was rich, he actually answered the question we’ve been asking all along: what’s the meaning of life?

Hear this legend out!

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