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Billionaire Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein Denies Having Any Surgery, But Wait Until You See How She Looked Like Before

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Billionaire Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein Denies Having Any Surgery, But Wait Until You See How She Looked Like Before

Even if Jocelyn Wildenstein doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably seen her face on social media.

The New York socialite faced charges for allegedly attacking her then-boyfriend with scissors at her Trump World Tower Apartment in New York City. Two years after that in 2018, she filed for bankruptcy even though sources claim she was worth billions.

But Jocelyn is famous for other things: her facial appearance, which has undergone so many plastic surgeries to have the catlike appearance, leading Wildenstein to be nicknamed as “Catwoman” in certain circles.

What’s intriguing, she denies any cosmetic surgery intervention and points to her Swiss roots as the reason for her “high cheekbones.”

After two decades without talking to the media, “Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein spoke with the Daily Mail TV in 2018 next to her partner, fashion designer Lloyd Klein.

Klein goes on to say that he doesn’t understand the “Catwoman thing” because “Jocelyn has always looked like this: “She never really did anything to change her face. I have pictures from 16 years old where she looks exactly the same as today.”

When they asked if she had any aesthetic interventions, she denied it all. Jocelyn claims she looks identical to the photos when she was younger: “When we are young there’s a certain freshness we lose with the years. But you still find the same eyes, same high cheeks, or same nose. I think I was more pretty.”

Despite her denial, her face began to change during her first marriage with her husband Alec Wildenstein, who passed away in 2008.

Alec was a French-born, American-raised art dealer, racehorse owner, businessman and heir to a billion-dollar fortune. She told her husband that his eyes looked baggy, and they went on to perform his and her facelift, which was the beginning of the surgery era for Jocelyn: “I don’t think I’ve known her when she wasn’t healing from something,” a friend added.

Alec, who died back in 2008, and some of Jocelyn’s friends suspected that she was trying get a lynx like appearance (she has one for a pet).

“The lynx has perfect eyes,” she told Vanity Fair, but said her face dimensions were partially natural, adding, “If I show you pictures of my grandmother, what you see is these eyes — cat eyes — and high cheekbones.”

Since her journey of plastic surgery and aesthetic interventions, it is thought that she had done canthopexy, a surgical procedure used to correct issues like eyelid laxity and ectropion.

Along with this expert say she has had upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow-lift, face-lift, lip-plumping injections, chin augmentation, fat grafting and/or cheek implants.

Looking at her old photos before she had any surgeries done, she has made quite a transformation.

But the New York Socialite said she is not finished with plastic surgery yet and has claimed not to have an addiction to surgery.

According to The Sun, Jocelyn has spent around $6.7 million in plastic surgery — and no, she does not look, not even slightly, similar to her younger self below.

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