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Bill Gates’ Awkward Response On Being Questioned About Jeffrey Epstein

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Bill Gates’ Awkward Response On Being Questioned About Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates, the 5th richest person in the world in this moment, appears to be entangled to find the right answer when questioned about his connection with Jeffrey Epstein. The interview, conducted by Judy Woodruff, aired on PBS, baffled the viewers as Bill Gates gave almost bizarre answer when pressed to talk about his connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

In 2019, August, Epstein had killed himself in prison. He should’ve gone to trial for being involved with sex trafficking with minors. He had gigantic connection with big names all over, and one of them was Bill Gates.


In the interview below, Gates was asked about Epstein. Gates was supposedly a long-time friend of Jeffrey Epstein, allegedly even after the allegations about Epstein’s misconduct surfaced. Take a look at the bizarre answer below:

The interviewer Judy Woodruff pointed out that Gates and Epstein met several times decades ago even after Epstein was already convicted of being an underage prostitution solicitor. Then, Woodruff asked Gates what he knew about Epstein when he was meeting him. Gates claimed that he did that do raise money for his foundation and that he cut those meetings because Epstein didn’t produce the results he claimed.

But after that answer, Woodruff pressed by asking another question. He was meeting Epstein years after that alleged meet and she pointed that out again seeking for answers as to why Gates and Epstein met so many times even after Epstein was convicted of being an underage prostitution solicitor. Gates immediately started stammering, looked very uncomfortable, squeezed his hands and anxiously muttered that he regrets having dinner with Epstein. However, Epstein had claimed to be connected with people who were willing to help global health, which is one of Gates’ interests. 


Woodruff, though, told him about his several meetings with Epstein even after their first time in 2013. In May, Melinda Gates was reportedly furious that Gates was friends with Epstein and told him to end it. Some sources claim that Epstein talked to Gates about how he could end the “toxic” marriage. The picture below was taken in 2011 at Epstein’s Manor:

Woodruff then asked him about his reaction when he got to know Epstein’s background. Gates, again, repeated that he regretted the dinners and that nothing new happened since then. Woodruff poked him once more and asked if there is something to be learned from all this.

Gates strangely made a point and said that Epstein is dead so generally one has to always be careful. Immediately after that, he turned the conversation towards something else. He stuttered, threw up his hands, and said that he was proud of the achieved philanthropy and the foundation’s work. So that’s his focus in life every day.

It has been alleged that Gates met with Epstein because he believed that would get him a Nobel peace prize and that’s the reason why Gates ignored Epstein’s criminal background. The insider that exposed the news said that Gates desired Nobel Peace Prize the most in his life.

How Bill Gates’ responded was not only awkward but questionable. But at the end of the day we will possibly never know what made the billionaire philanthropist be friends with a convicted pedophile. For now, all we can do is speculate.

Image credits: Openclipart New York Times

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